No one wants to talk about the economy these days, but given the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s most recent projection for the video editing and camera operating fields, it might be worth bringing up. You see, their most recent results have found that the job opportunities for camera operators and video editors are only supposed to grow by 4% over the next decade. That’s well below the average growth rates for other occupations. So why is our industry in such peril? And how can you make sure that you’re part of the growth, and not part of the unemployment line? Here’s our take on it.

The Problem

The problem seems clear. There aren’t enough jobs for all of us that want to be video editors and camera operators, right? That’s true, but it’s not quite that simple. Part of it has to do with the experience level needed to work in the higher end video positions. While an Ivy League degree is not necessary, most employers do want a substantial amount of on the job experience. This means job opportunities are going to veterans in the field. Less opportunity for a young demographic to get involved means a smaller group of skilled professionals for the future. As retirement ages get pushed back further and further, you’re extending the age of the average editor and camera operator, and therefore slowing the growth of the field.

However, this is only a small part of the problem. The efficiency and accessibility of video also makes growth within its professional fields almost impossible. Practically every business these days has an online presence, and many are turning to video as part of that. However, that does not mean companies are reaching out to video editors and camera operators to complete the task. The low price of technology and online tutorials are giving otherwise hopeless companies the power to produce and edit their own online videos. So while the media world is ever evolving, that does not mean it is taking its professionals along with it.


Does the declining video editing field have you a little worried?

The Solution

As a professional, what can you do to make sure you’re gainfully employed despite what happens to the video field? The best thing is to stay well rounded and always expand your skills set. As we’ve already mentioned, the online video industry is rapidly growing, and while companies may not be looking specifically for a video editor, they may be looking for a multi-media manager to help steer the ship. Make sure you are well versed in encoding video for the web and embedding. Learn everything you can about podcasting, blogging and basic code. These skills will keep you up to date with current trends and make you a valuable asset to any company.

Also, keep an open mind. Just because you’ve always dreamed of being a traditional editor for a film or television station does not mean that’s the only place you should look. Plenty of cutting edge companies are looking for people with unique skills, but you’ll never find those opportunities if you do not have an open mind.

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