If there’s one thing Hollywood loves more than reboots, it’s pairing them with slow trailer music—and for good reason.

If you want audiences to know in the first few seconds that a film is not going to be all moonlight and roses, the quickest way to show them is often through its sound (the more distorted and unexpected this sound, the better).

Just as the slow and discordant hum of the infamous Jaws score hits a biological nerve with audiences by playing against their expectations of rhythm, more and more modern film trailers are signaling the dark twists of franchises by slowing the beats of established scores.

Watch and listen as the teaser score for Jurassic World tells us it isn’t going to be a walk in the park, as the trailer theme for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix suddenly takes on the tone of PG-13, and as the preview for The Great Gatsby pulls down a classic song’s tempo to introduce an adaptation that doesn’t pull punches:

Of course, it’s only a matter of time until more cult films are given the same treatment—so we took the liberty of slowing down a few just out of curiosity. (Top Gun’s “Danger Zone” has never sounded better, and you might never look at Maverick the same way again.)

The Following Preview Features Slow Theme Music