The game was pretty good, the half time show was (insert obligatory Beyonce blackout joke here), and the commercials…well, they were there, too. I think the best way to describe this year’s Super Bowl commercials is “meh”. There were a few that stood out, but overall they lacked a good amount of creativity and wow-factor. Nonetheless, we were able to pick out a few of our favorites, as well as some of our lease favorites, to recap this year’s commercial entertainment.


The Good

Tide: Miracle Stain

Why we like it: This is just a fun commercial that takes a product and actually relates it to football. Good concept, good acting and an overall successful campaign.


Jeep: America Is Whole Again

Why we like it: Every superbowl needs a tear jerker, and this Oprah narrated piece from Jeep filled that void this year. Simple yet poignant, this background did exactly what a touching commercial should.

Taco Bell: Viva Young

Why we like it: This commercial is light hearted and hilarious in concept. Though its a little disturbing to see some old men with their shirts off, they totally captured their brand through creative story telling.


The Bad

Volkswagen: Get In. Get Happy.

Why we don’t like it: Aside from just the racist overtones of this commercial, why should a guy with a Jamaican accent make me want to by a German car? I find this commercial simply annoying and confusing.


Audi: Prom

Why we don’t like it: We get that the car is supposed to give you courage and strength, but it seems like the company may have missed its target audience here. Watching rich teenagers drive recklessly doesn’t get me very excited about buying an Audi.


Did we miss one of your favorites? Tell us! Leave a comment below or link to your favorite 2013 Super Bowl commercials on our Video Blocks Facebook page!

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