As 2011 comes to an end, everyone is putting together lists of the most viewed, the most searched, the most downloaded, the most everything of 2011. Google is obviously no exception. A couple of weeks ago they released the Top 10 Most Searched Topics in 2011. A lot of the winners surprised us, but what we really found interesting what how accurately this list portrays the importance of technology in our society.

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Globally, the list of the top searches in 2011 looks like this:

Google Top Searches of 2011

Of those searches, we consider 5 of them to be technology related; Google Plus, Battlefield 3, iPhone 5, Steve Jobs, iPad 2. (We consider 2 of the remaining 5 to be a an embarrassment to modern culture…but we’ll let you be your own judge of that.) Considering that Google answers 400 million web queries per day, it is pretty remarkable that such a large percentage of those could be about technology and consumer products.

When you compare the top 10 ten searches in different countries, the thread of technology speaks even greater. Look at how searches in the United States and the United Kingdom compare:

United States

United Kingdom

Rebecca Black

Royal Wedding

Google Plus

iPhone 5

Hurricane Irene

Fifa 12



Ryan Dunn

iPad 2

iPhone 5

Ryan Dunn

Casey Anthony




Osama Bin Laden

Rebecca Black

Steve Jobs

Ed Sheeran

We’ve always known that celebrity gossip and music can bring people together, but a phone? Even more surprising is that it is a phone that doesn’t even exist yet! The iPhone 5 shows up in multiple countries’ top 10 lists. This clearly shows that technology (and more specifically, Apple) has taken a front seat in our global culture.

When next year’s “Most Searched of 2012” list comes around, we probably won’t be surprised when maybe 75% of the most searched are technology or Apple related. Better yet, here’s to hoping that VideoBlocks make that list in 2012!

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