There’s no list of “best jobs in the world” that doesn’t mention Anthony Bourdain—he’s like the Keith Richards of the food and travel world. This chef/author/cultural journalist went from an aging cook in the underbelly of New York’s restaurant industry to a hugely successful TV personality who spends his days exploring the far corners of the world and nomming on delicacies in the company of fascinating locals. Who wouldn’t want that gig?

The newest season of his show, “Parts Unknown,” airs this Sunday, September 25, and because we love the production quality of the show in addition to Bourdain himself, we created a preview of his upcoming destinations through a stock footage tour. Since our membership and marketplace libraries are chock-full of incredible content from all over the world, we’re getting ready for another amazing season with some of our best clips from each locale.

This season Bourdain is jetting off to Hanoi, Nashville, Sichuan, London, Houston, Japan, Minas Gerais, Buenos Aires, and Rome. We’ve pulled some of the most wanderlust-inspiring footage from our library, from the busy marketplaces of Hanoi to the towering historical landmarks of Rome and the serenity of the Sichuan countryside.

See where Bourdain is off to next:


“Parts Unknown” isn’t your average travel and food show—it’s about unique people, local history, and one-of-a-kind adventures. Each episode is framed as a standalone feature, truly capturing the feeling and authenticity behind each destination Bourdain visits. There’s no formula for how each location is shot or portrayed week to week. In a recent Variety feature, Bourdain explained, “It’s a successful series for me if someone who liked the show last week tunes in this week, and is uncertain whether they’re on the right channel.”

Other than ogling the mouth watering bites Bourdain gets to experience, one of our favorite parts of this series is the astounding documentary-style cinematography that goes into the production. Bourdain takes his food and travel seriously, but the quality of his team’s filming does not fall by the wayside. You could even say that it takes priority, which presumably led to the show’s numerous awards—including two Emmy’s.

The small, full-time crew consists of only five members—hiring additional hands as needed. This uncommon recipe allows them to make last-minute adjustments, and to switch up plans on a moment’s notice when an intriguing idea arises in Bourdain’s mind, or even when disaster strikes.

According to Bourdain—a self-confessed film nerd—some episodes are modeled after or inspired by the work of some of his favorite directors or films. While the team likes to be prepared for each filming location—sometimes shooting with 11 different types of cameras—there is also a certain desire to “get lost” in each well-known destination. The result: one of the most visually addicting and adventurously spirited shows on television.

We can’t all be so lucky as to “get lost” travelling from city to city, meeting new people, and trying new foods for a living, which is why we created this short stock footage tour of his upcoming adventures using some of our best shots of each destination.

You can download these clips in our Parts Unknown project folder.


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