Warning: What you are about to read might actually blow your mind.

We’ve talked about high speed cameras before, like the Phantom cameras we use to create all of our slow videos. Well, apparently having the capability to shoot video at up to one million frames per second was not enough for some people. A couple of scientists at M.I.T.’s Media Lab have now rigged up a camera that can record images at the speed of light.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you. Most of the mechanics of this are way over my head. These scientists are using a lot of fancy vocabulary about photons and picoseconds and whatnot. However, I do know that this is really cool and will probably someday change the way the world works.

For instance, the scientists say that if this technology is developed enough, it can be used to improve medical equipment like CAT scans and ultrasounds. On a more basic consumer level, this technology could be used for smart phone apps that could tell you if that avocado in the grocery store is ripe enough for your award winning guacamole recipe. Clearly this technology is not only impressive, but it could have a real impact on modern technology.

Here’s a video from the scientist themselves that will show you how they put together such an impressive camera and what the final footage looks like:

Pretty cool, eh? Just to put things in perspective, if you used this same camera to record a bullet leaving a gun, the final movie would take you three years to watch. Think about that.

We’re still a few years off of inventing our own speed of light camera here at VideoBlocks, but we can still offer you some slow motion footage. We still think it is impressive! Just click the big red button below to download your free slow motion stock footage clip.