What happens when a band releases a single in zero gravity? It floats right to the top of the charts.

The music video for Ok Go’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” marked a new milestone for filmmaking by teaming up with Russian airline S7 to shoot all footage during parabolic maneuvers, which can suspend gravity for about 27 seconds while in flight. The entire video was captured in one 45 minute take—cutting out only the non-weightless periods.

But the vacillation between zero G and the double gravity that occurs just after each maneuver takes a toll. “There were 58 puke events,” the band reported on their website. The only passengers that remained immune to the nauseating effects were the acrobatic flight attendants.

“Most people get dizzy and sick from twirling around a couple times, but these ladies can spin around like the head of a power drill and not feel a thing,” the band wrote.

Still, the musicians and crew remained committed to the concept—furthering OK Go’s reputation as a band that combines serious artistry with a zany sense of fun. The video is the latest in their carefully-choreographed repertoire and has already hit over 7 million views on Facebook as of this writing.

We can’t all jet to Moscow to shoot in zero gravity, but there’s an easier way to make a music video—using stock footage to visualize your latest track. Try out some of these “Upside Down & Inside Out” inspired clips or search our library for more ideas.

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