How to Earn Money Online Through Your Website or Blog

Everyone wants to earn money online, but when it comes to putting in the work, few are able to sustain the effort that is needed. Profiting from a website or blog isn’t rocket science, but it does take perseverance and a strategy. Below, we’ll highlight a few strategies that will help you get your online income off the ground.


While blogging may not be your thing, your website’s search engine ranking will benefit from regular blog posts. There’s always a way to spin blog posts around your website content, whether you’re running a business or simply a hobby website.

Content that is always relevant is called evergreen content. By including this kind of content on your site, you can ensure consistent traffic. You can also use trends to decide what to blog about. To find trending topics, visit Google Trends and enter a term in the search box. You can even sign up for email alerts to find out when a topic starts trending.


Some people cringe at these three little letters. However once in the swing of it, SEO practices can be a simple routine that brings traffic. Blog post and website titles are the most crucial SEO areas to utilize. To really optimize your site, keywords should also be placed within blog and website content, picture titles, picture alt text, meta descriptions, and URLs.

To find quality keywords, simply visit Google AdWords and try searching for terms that relate to your blog or website. You’ll need a Google account for this, but it’s free and incredibly valuable.


This strategy is mentioned last, as it requires an established website with a decent amount of traffic. However once this is achieved, advertising can provide a lucrative and consistent stream of income. Set up an ad page outlining rates and how people can get in touch with you. You should also disclose your site traffic, site rankings, and ad size and placement options to those who’d like to advertise with you.

Getting Help from VideoBlocks

So how can VideoBlocks help you earn money online? By providing a source of consistent, high quality media and stunning designs. Any online business expert will tell you that design dramatically impacts website success.

In one study , participants were asked about their level of trust in a website. 94% of the reasons for mistrust were design-related. VideoBlocks can provide templates, stock video, backgrounds, and special effects to help you earn money online.