If you like to peruse the world of online video like we do, chances are you’ve been coming across more and more videos by SoulPancake these days. This creative production powerhouse is a side project conceived and developed by Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight Schrute from The Office. Most recently they’ve created the viral sensation best known as Kid President, which aims to inspire adults through the mind of a child. But what is it that makes these videos so delightfully addicting? How is SoulPancake using the online video to present their message in an affective way? We’ve searched through their videos to find some answers.

The SoulPancake Message

Rainn Wilson says he started SoulPancake as a way to get a young crowd talking about life’s big questions. “When I became famous on The Office I wanted to create something that was really positive on the Internet. There’s a lot of crap out there,” says Wilson. It blends philosophy, spirituality and creativity in one awesome media driven brand that gets people thinking. The website, www.soulpancake.com, encourages patrons to start conversations and think outside the box on some of life’s biggest issues.


So, Why Does it Work?

The SoulPancake project combines a few different forces to create the ultimate equation for online popularity.


Just like all viral videos, SoulPancake consistently delivers a product that is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. That’s how viral videos go viral. They’re new, they’re different, and they contain something so special that we cannot help but share them with our friends. The SoulPancake videos may not be extreme or epic, but they are certainly original, which is a huge deal in such a vass online world.


In a world filled with so much negativity and trash talking (just look at Bravo’s entire lineup), we as a culture are craving some type of positivity. SoulPancake provides that, and then some. Their videos make you feel good, and who doesn’t want that? They make you think without making you feel judged. Their videos make you feel like a kid, and it is a beautiful thing.

Production Value

A great message is half the battle, but people will only stay on for the whole video if there is production value involved, too. SoulPancake has this perfected. Their videos are not high cost (a key variable for an online video), but they have production value that provides credibility for the entire brand. The camera shots are well composed with perfectly hipster exposure, everything is bright and colorful and they use a “DIY” theme throughout all of the videos that make it seem accessible. Without even saying a word, the aesthetic quality of SoulPancake videos speaks volumes for the brand.

SoulPancake Videos

Here are a couple SoulPancake videos that we thought were incredibly successful and clearly highlight all of the points we illustrated above:



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