13.8 Billlion Years in the making, “Cosmos,” premiered March 9 on Fox, the National Geographic Channel and eight other corporate cousins. The premiere was the largest global launch ever for a television series! Produced by Seth Macfarlane, the new century version of Carl Sagan’s popular 1980 documentary series is narrated and guided by astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, who once studied under Sagan.

There’s more animation included in the 13 part series than in most animated feature films and approximately 1500 special effects, which is pretty epic!

It took a team to create this re-vamped version  as twelve different visual effects  houses contributed to the stunning cinematography.

CNN headlines that “Cosmos” dazzled in its debut, and The Daily Beast proclaims the reboot  “Marks a Promising New Era for Science.”

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