Tomorrow (or tonight at midnight, depending how much of an enthusiast you are) is the much anticipated release of director Christopher Nolan’s latest film, The Dark Knight Rises. This third installment of his much acclaimed Batman trilogy is expected to be one of Nolan’s most successful features to date. Over the past decade, London-born Nolan has proven himself as one of Hollywood’s most elite directors, working on smash hits such as Momento, Batman Begins and Inception, among others. We’ve complied our top 5 favorite scenes from Christopher Nolan movies to help you get hyped for tonight’s release. Enjoy!


5. Insomnia–The Telephone Scene

The killer, played by Robin Williams, describes how he killed his victim to the detective, played by Al Pacino.


4. The Dark Knight–The Hospital Scene

The Joker, played by Heath Ledger, terrorizes the city of Gotham, threatening to blow up a hospital.


3. Batman Begins–The Training Scene

Bruce Wayne (aka, Batman), played by Christian Bale, trains as a ninja.


2. Momento–The Opening Scene

A fading polaroid picture sets up the complex story-telling device used in this feature film starring Guy Pearce.


1. Inception–The Hallway Fight Scene

Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, fights a time-defying battle in the hallway of a hotel.


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