The Oscars are less than a week away, so it’s time to start putting together your ballot and entering some pools! Before you place your bets, read through these helpful tips so you have the greatest shot at victory come Sunday night.


1. Pay attention to other awards.

The greatest predictor of the Oscars award show is other award shows. In particular, do some research on who has won the Director’s Guild awards and Producer’s Guild awards. Since these awards are handed out by professionals, much like the members of the Academy, they’ve been proven to be a good foresight to the winners on Oscar night. (Just FYI: “The Artist” won both of these awards this year.) 

2. Know the smaller categories.

Sure, it’s key to know the big contenders in categories such as Best Picture and Best Actor, but if you’re looking to rack up points in your Oscar pool, make sure to do some research on the smaller categories. Most people make blind guesses with those, so even just a little bit of research will give you a slight advantage. Categories like Best Documentary, Best Live Action Short Film and Best Foreign Language Film often get overlooked.

3. Remember what counts.

The people that vote on these awards are typically not like you and me. They are known for voting in high esteem, dramatic movies. When you’re placing your bets, don’t take how the movie did at the box office into consideration. Public appeal means practically nothing when it comes to the Academy Awards.

4. Never choose a comedy.

Comedies are great! They make us laugh, they make us feel good….who doesn’t love a comedy? Oh, that’s right, the Academy of Motion Pictures does not like them. Not one bit. Never choose a comedy to win any major categories like Best Picture or Best Director. The only place you’re really safe to pick the comedy genre is in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories. For whatever reason, the Academy seems to think that is the right place to give them credit.

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