It’s official—the VideoBlocks Marketplace is the fastest-growing stock video library ever. The Marketplace launched in April 2015 with 147,310 items and soared to 1 million clips on December 31, 2015. Our competitors took years to achieve this milestone. We did it in just eight months.

There’s a reason why VideoBlocks outpaced the rest: we put contributors first by giving 100% commission to the filmmakers who sell their footage through our Marketplace. We now have over 8,000 stock videographers uploading content from 112 different countries and counting—from Kuala Lumpur to Kraków.

How have subscribers benefited from this? In addition to a massive expansion in content, they’ve gained a massive expansion of value. The $99 annual subscription that formerly paid for itself after a few downloads now pays for itself all over again—as members save an average 40% on Marketplace content by purchasing direct from contributors.

Thanks a million to all of the talented stock filmmakers who brought us to this point. We can’t wait to see what you upload next.
Take a look inside our journey to 1 million clips.

Here’s a sampling of the inspiring clips from the video—all of which are available for download.

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