For those that haven’t heard, we’ve launched a new site! Everyone, join us in giving a warm welcome to the Blockhead family!

What is AudioBlocks?

AudioBlocks is a stock media website dedicated to everything audio. They have production music, sound effects and audio loops, all of which are available for unlimited downloads! The sounds come in both .wav and .mp3 file formats, making it easy to quickly integrate the sounds into whatever project you’re working on. Best of all, AudioBlocks features an intuitive and user friendly search experience that makes finding the perfect song a breeze.

Why would I need AudioBlocks if I already have VideoBlocks?

If you’re a long-time VideoBlocks customer, you’re used to having audio included in your subscription. Good news! You won’t lose it! However, you won’t see many new music additions to VideoBlocks in the future. All of that will be switched over to AudioBlocks. So if you want new content, AudioBlocks is the way to go! If you’re new to VideoBlocks, you will not see audio on the site at all. The entire library of new and improved music is waiting for you over at

Why did you split them up?

We actually decided to build AudioBlocks in response to customer requests.  Many of our loyal customers kept asking for an all-audio library that rivaled the size and scope of VideoBlocks.  We felt the best way to do that was from the ground up, with tons of fresh new content and a redesigned site experience.

How do I sign up?

Great question! You can try out AudioBlocks for 7 days by heading to If you’ve already given it a test drive and want to sign up for a subscription, this is the right link for you.

AudioBlocks sounds amazing! How can I follow them on Facebook and Twitter?

You can find the AudioBlocks Facebook page here. And you can follow them @Audio_Blocks on Twitter. AudioBlocks has a blog, too! Click here to take a look!