VideoBlocks has teamed up with Stock Performer to bring improved sales and performance analytics to our Marketplace contributors. After numerous requests from both Stock Performer customers and VideoBlocks contributors, we’re now working together to make better data available to the stock filmmaking community.

As the largest provider of analytics to stock media artists, Stock Performer perfectly complements the rapidly-growing VideoBlocks Marketplace, which now contains over 10,000 contributors worldwide. A winner of the Microstock Expo Best Contributor Service award, Stock Performer serves world class producers and creatives—including industry leaders like Wavebreak Media, Monkey Business, and Pressmaster—while also helping independent contributors maximize revenue through data on the evolving media market.

One of VideoBlocks’ defining characteristics is that we give 100% commission to contributors. Ensuring that our contributors have the data and sales metrics they need is essential to our mission of supporting the creative community. With the analytics dashboard from Stock Performer, VideoBlocks contributors using this tool can more easily gauge content performance—enhancing their understanding of what sells.

Luis Alvarez, co-founder of Stock Performer, has this to say about the partnership: “We are very happy to include VideoBlocks in the Stock Performer world. Contributors now have the chance to measure their performance and better understand the VideoBlocks market.”

To learn more about the analytics Stock Performer provides, visit their product page. To become a VideoBlocks Marketplace contributor, checkout the contributor portal.