VideoBlocks is on the Inc. 5000 List

Last week, our parent company Footage Firm was named #11 Top Media Companies on Inc. 5000 list! Over the past 3 years, Footage Firm has experienced a 563% growth and has expanded to three platforms-,, and . Founded in 2004, our CEO Joel Holland had a vision to make stock footage affordable to the masses and less than 10 years later that vision has become a reality! Below is a letter from Joel to his customers, contributors and the community at large.

I want to thank all those who have helped VideoBlocks possible. When I founded the company, I had one simple—but powerful—mission: to provide premium creative content that we can all afford.

In high school, I started a small TV show that focused on helping kids figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. We interviewed over 150 awesome career professionals for the show, and while the interviews contained extremely powerful advice, the production value of the show was lacking, because we had no budget.

In one specific instance, I had just interviewed superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger – which was extremely exciting. We had this awesome footage of his advice for teens and we weren’t able to make the video look professional since it was cost prohibitive to purchase b-roll, music, professional graphics or other stock media. So I decided to start a company that would make stock video affordable to everyone, regardless of budget.

Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

After high school, I pooled my savings and purchased some professional video equipment. I then hit the road for one year, traveling to over 30 US cities shooting video, editing in the hotel room, and desperately trying to sell the clips so that I could afford to purchase the next plane ticket and hotel room.

I poured my life into building the business. Our company is now making it affordable for video editors and enthusiasts of ALL kinds to afford stock video and production music, not just those who have large budgets.

I am proud that we enable thousands of schools to enhance their curriculum with our content; we enable thousands of churches to make their services more engaging; we make it affordable for tens of thousands of freelancers to increase the quality of their productions without breaking the bank; and we make it possible thousands more to simply learn and enjoy video editing with some assistance from our content.

I am excited to continue building VideoBlocks into a truly amazing company that makes a positive impact on the lives of our customers and employees.

Our goal is to become the first place that content creators go when working on a creative project, and I thank you for helping us march towards this goal!

Joel Holland, CEO
VideoBlocks is on the Inc. 5000 List