The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

You’ve likely noticed our pretty new look, though you might not have noticed all the new features it brings—the majority of which share one common goal: making it faster and easier to find the footage you’re looking for.

1. It’s All About the Search Experience

The closer you dive into our recent redesign, the more you’ll realize that every change brings purpose. Visual categories look better, sure—but more importantly, they make searching easier and more intuitive.

Gone are the halcyon dropdown menus of yore. From today forward, you need only hover over the search categories (from any page) to see the options behind each curtain.

The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

2. You Never Leave the Search Page

We also wanted more features available right from the search page. In the ancient times before last week, previews generated via popups and download options were tucked away behind new tabs and windows.

Now, you can preview, download, and choose your format directly from our search page by just moving your cursor over any clip.

The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

3. The Mysterious “Explore” Button

Click the new explore button from the footer of any page, and you’re transported to a visual browser that let’s you quickly explore categories and subcategories in one fell hover.

The whole idea behind this is not just to make the search process easier, but to make it more inspirational. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we’re looking for until we see it—and the explore page exists to make those discoveries easier to come upon.

The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

4. New Resolution Flags

You’re probably used to seeing flags like “hot” and “new” displayed across your search results—but to see a clip’s resolution options, you had to navigate to a new tab or window. Now, every search page includes flags for resolution as well (SD, HD, or 4k).

What’s better than seeing 4k flags in every direction?

The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

5. One Account Page to Rule Them All

Every time we’ve grown over the years, our account page has grown with us—to the point where it actually became eleven lovely account pages.

Everything you need to manage your account (e.g., passwords, invoices, payment options, and licensing agreements) is now on a single account page for easy access.

The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

What’s your favorite new feature?! Let us know in the comments!