The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look You’ve likely noticed our pretty new look, though you might not have noticed all the new features it brings—the majority of which share one common goal: making it faster and easier to find the footage you’re looking for. 1. It’s All About the Search Experience The closer you dive into our recent redesign, the more you’ll realize that every change brings purpose. Visual categories look better, sure—but more importantly, they make searching easier and more intuitive. Gone are the halcyon dropdown menus … Read more about The Top 5 Features Behind Our New Look

How to Survive (Filming) in Death Valley: The Art of On-Location

An expert’s advice for planning shoots far away from the comforts of home. A few months ago we sponsored filmmaker Luke Neumann on a six-day road trip through California, Nevada, and Utah in search of the best desert terrain for royalty-free footage. Luke lost a few good batteries that week, but ultimately returned unscathed—bringing back a cache of ultra-high-definition footage as well as some great advice for filmmakers planning on-location adventures of their own. Tip #1: Improvise Your Way to Better Footage (and Free … Read more about How to Survive (Filming) in Death Valley: The Art of On-Location

Filming Hawaii in 5K: VideoBlocks Sponsors Luke Neumann

Fresh off an epic six-day road trip through California redwoods, Nevada deserts, and Utah canyons, Luke Neumann heads to Hawaii on assignment for VideoBlocks. Luke and his wife, Marika, packed differently for Hawaii than for their road trip through Fern Canyon and Avenue of the Giants, and not just because they downsized from a rented RV to an overhead luggage compartment. “We didn’t bring the crane because I knew there are very few places where it could be utilized,” explains Luke, referring to the one he got a little too wet on his last … Read more about Filming Hawaii in 5K: VideoBlocks Sponsors Luke Neumann

VideoBlocks is on the Inc. 5000 List

VideoBlocks is on the Inc. 5000 List Last week, our parent company Footage Firm was named #11 Top Media Companies on Inc. 5000 list! Over the past 3 years, Footage Firm has experienced a 563% growth and has expanded to three platforms-,, and . Founded in 2004, our CEO Joel Holland had a vision to make stock footage affordable to the masses and less than 10 years later that vision has become a reality! Below is a letter from Joel to his customers, contributors and the community at large. … Read more about VideoBlocks is on the Inc. 5000 List

Getting Started with VideoBlocks

MOV and MP4- Software Requirements Our Library is home to countless clips of cities, landscapes, animals, motion backgrounds, you name it. Most of these clips are regular Mov and Mp4 clips, which can be used in most every software on any computer. This includes professional software such as: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid & Sony Vegas. Or Free software which comes on your Computer: iMovie (Mac), Windows Movie Maker (PC) After Effects and Apple Motion Teplates These popular pre-animated templates allow you to replace … Read more about Getting Started with VideoBlocks

#TheSweatLife: Inside lululemon’s Instagram Feed

#TheSweatLife: Inside lululemon’s Instagram Feed Stretched out across four lines and sixty-six words, the self-description on Instagram’s FAQ page is—while decidedly thorough—not all that instant or in-the-moment: “Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We’re building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they … Read more about #TheSweatLife: Inside lululemon’s Instagram Feed

City Scape Time-Lapse

Some of the greatest content that we have at is our city scape time-lapse footage of cities from around the world. To us, the most stunning results come from a perfectly placed camera set to a time lapse on a beautiful city scape. Sunny, cloudy, night into day, day into night- you really can't go wrong. Perhaps the reason that we relate so closely with a city scape time lapse is because they really put things into perspective, we can see the progression of an entire city rising to meet the day or drifting to sleep with a … Read more about City Scape Time-Lapse

The Man (and the Technology) Behind Our 4K New York Aerial Footage

Aerial videographer Arnie Itzkowitz shares his thoughts on landing commercial clients, transitioning to 4K, and filming New York aerial footage for VideoBlocks. Take an aerial glance at the landscape of video, and it’s easy to see the pros and cons of having lenses and recording capabilities built into every phone, tablet, and laptop. On one side, it’s become far easier to get started as a hobbyist or professional with equipment and tutorials so readily available and accessible; on the other, this same ease and saturation has made it … Read more about The Man (and the Technology) Behind Our 4K New York Aerial Footage