Last year, we reached out to many of our customers to ask what the stock industry was missing. Your answers were clear, consistent, and powerful. You asked for a single solution to all your footage needs—one place to save both time and money.

So that’s exactly what we built. In addition to a bigger, better, fresher Unlimited Library, you will soon be able to purchase discounted clips from our new members-only Marketplace.

Before we launch, we wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit more about why we decided to build the Marketplace and how exactly it will work.

Many of you told us that you turn to our footage first because of our subscription and Unlimited Library, but acknowledged that sometimes you go beyond our library and pay for more specific clips individually—and this costs you valuable time and money.

So we set out to build a different kind of stock Marketplace. We wanted to attract the best content in the world, and we wanted to add value to our members by providing the most affordable prices in the industry.

In the coming weeks, our subscribers will gain access to a “members-only” Marketplace adding hundreds of thousands of clips for purchase directly from our global contributor community. In November, we announced that all contributors would earn 100% commission on sales—a groundbreaking moment, given that most contributors only earn between 30% and 50% today. We have already had thousands of contributors join our community and upload over 200,000 HD and 4K clips in just a few short months.


So if contributors win with higher commissions, what about our customers?

VideoBlocks will take no commission on Marketplace sales, which allows us to offer the industry’s most competitive prices for high-quality content—an average discount of 40% versus competitor pricing. By removing the middleman and allowing you to buy direct, you can expect to save, on average, $30 for an HD clip and $100 for 4K footage. Our hope is that by providing you with a large and diverse library at outstanding prices, you can now begin—and end—every search with VideoBlocks.

Rest assured, our Unlimited Library—which now has more than $10,000,000 worth of content available to our subscribers for unlimited download—remains as central to our business as ever. In fact, we will invest more than ever before (with a specific focus on popular categories like talent-released footage). We’re just plugging some holes in the industry by connecting you with filmmakers outside of our library—and making their content more accessible and affordable as an added option.

To do this, we’ve built strong relationships with some of the top contributors to Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Pond5. They expressed how important it was to them that their footage reached filmmakers with all types of budgets. The only thing more important to them, in fact, was their ability to make a fair living through more equitable commissions.

That’s why 100% of every Marketplace sale is going directly to these contributors. Not just today or for a limited time, but always.

We’re taking no cut from these sales and passing on the savings directly to you, so please be on the lookout for the Marketplace tab in your new search experience—and enjoy knowing that anything you opt to spend beyond our Unlimited Library will go directly to fellow filmmakers in the industry. And if you never want to go beyond the Unlimited Library, that’s okay, too. We are more committed than ever to making sure the value you get through our membership is unmatched in the stock industry.


Joel Holland,

Founder and CEO of VideoBlocks