Some of the greatest content that we have at is our city scape time-lapse footage of cities from around the world. To us, the most stunning results come from a perfectly placed camera set to a time lapse on a beautiful city scape.

Sunny, cloudy, night into day, day into night- you really can’t go wrong. Perhaps the reason that we relate so closely with a city scape time lapse is because they really put things into perspective, we can see the progression of an entire city rising to meet the day or drifting to sleep with a few breathtaking seconds.

It can even be argued that it even illustrates the entire human condition and gives us an elapsed view and insight on how we are constantly rushing everywhere and rarely enjoying the moment.

Maybe it’s just plain beautiful and we are overthinking it completely! New York, London, Paris, Bangkok, and even the city you are in now all are essentially the same when reduced to their simplest forms through the lens of a camera.

We’re given a full view of our long term activities in roughly 12 seconds in all these city scape time-lapse clips, but one of our favorites is the Los Angeles clip. Take a look at it if you will keeping close attention to the building on the right. At 6 seconds in, the lights reset and almost give the impression that the building itself is re-awakening to the day, and trying to keep up with the hectic L.A pace.

This one of the Eiffel Tower is one of the most striking, almost as though it is a painting by Monet. The surreal fish-eye lens effect is almost as though we stepped through the looking glass and ended up on the other side in a world more oddly beautiful than our own.

LA Time Lapse Las Vegas Time Lapse
London Bridge Time Lapse NYC Time Lapse
Skyscraper Time Lapse Sunset Time Lapse
Vegas Fountain Time Lapse Eiffel Tower Time lapse