When it comes to stock footage, finding the perfect shot can require some digging. With millions of clips to choose from, how do you find exactly what you’re looking for? To make the process easier, we’ve launched a new Related Search Cards feature.


What are Related Search Cards?

Related Search Cards help you quickly discover alternative options when you don’t see what you need in your original search results. It especially comes in handy when you aren’t sure which search terms to use—allowing you to click through to search terms that other members use when they are browsing for related content. We like to call them “content sherpas” because they act as guides through our library.

All you need to do is perform a search on our website. When you are taken to your search results page, “cards” with related search terms will automatically appear above the results. You can then click on the cards to see the search results for that word.
stock footage
We have unleashed our content sherpas across the site, meaning Related Search Cards are live and ready for you to use on VideoBlocks.

Best of all, this feature can help you unlock ideas you may not have considered. A broad search term like “Italy” could become a tour of ancient Roman ruins, or even a crash course in the Neoclassical style. So go ahead and explore! With over three million options to choose from, you’ll be surprised what you find—without sifting through the proverbial haystack.


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