Best Apps for Videographers

In a world where you have to be able to work on the go and your mobile device is readily available, it makes sense that developers are creating great apps for video. Many of these apps can be used with images from or video from, too.
 Take a look at some great apps here!


Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Movie Slate is a clapboard and shot log app. Each time you close the clapper in the app, the production, location, and time code data for the shot is stored within the app. With this app, there’s no more wading through hours of footage to find the section you need.

AndroMedia Video Editor

AndroMedia Video Editor is an Android app that does exactly what the name implies. You can drag and drop video clips, add effects, edit footage, add transitions and upload directly to YouTube when you’re done. Crop and Ken Burns effects can be added to video tracks, and FadeIn and FadeOut effects are available for audio tracks.


Think of Capture as Dropbox specifically designed for storing pictures and videos in the cloud. Download it to your Windows PC, Android device, or iPhone. Upload existing videos and photos to Capture and save new videos and pics as you take them with your device. You can access your files from any device where you’ve installed the app, and you can share the files with friends and coworkers.


Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only, VideoPix is a typical video editor with a couple of unique twists. Take a video with your device and then extract the perfect image from the video. VideoPix allows users to watch and edit videos in slow motion, as well. You can shoot video using the app or use video already stored in the camera or the device’s video library.


An iPhone app, Splice is a video editor that focuses on editing a video’s audio. Some of its functions include the ability to assemble photos, video clips, custom titles and transitions. You can also control and mix for multiple audio tracks, as well as synchronize sound effects and narrative tracks.
Depending on your needs and your current video project, there are plenty of apps for videographers that do more than simply shoot video. Using the right one for your next project may simplify your life and allow you to create a better video on the go.
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