Best Apps for Videographers Pt. II

In continuing with our Part I series on apps for videographers, we decided to dive a little deeper into the matter!
It used to be that videography was connected with filming of television or documentary footage. With the advent of the smart phone, everyone is getting into videography, whether through cute shots of the kids or showcasing what’s for dinner. It’s now possible to import music and sound effects, graphic shots and other videos to your projects too.

Whether you’re making a how-to video for YouTube or you’re planning to post videos of your vacation on Facebook, the following iOS apps help you create quick, fun, and unique productions to share with family and friends. They allow you to edit and add music, special effects or captions to your videos. All these videos can be used with both VideoBlocks and AudioBlocks!


This is the quickie of video apps. You can shoot in the app or import videos to work on. You can also shuffle or trim graphics, as well as add music. Montaj is limited to 6-second videos but perfect for recording that embarrassing moment.


The granddaddy of video apps, YouTube just keeps getting better and better. Available for Apple or Android, the app allows you to create videos from your smart device or broadcast your video to the big screen using the Google Chromecast dongle.

Game Your Video

This is the easy way to trick out a boring video. Game Your Video allows you to add live motion effects and incorporate more than one video in your project using a split screen effect. You can even add captions, jokes and quotes to the final product.

Action Movie FX

Developed by Bad Robot, this app allows you to add a broad range of special effects to video footage to create your own films. It’s perfect for turning a typical clip of a walk in the woods into a zombie movie.


This app costs $4.99, but it’s worth it for the special features it provides. Unlike other filmmaker applications, FilmicPro allows you to customize your video, for instance, by using accelerated or slow motion, and has unique tools, like monitoring microphone input for consistency.


Magisto is perfect for the social media videographer. Do you have a lot of shots of the big party but don’t know how to blend them all together? Magisto lets you choose pictures and videos to include. It then gives you options for theme and a song. The app takes all your shots and footage and melds them into a single presentation.