It was love at first sight—while strolling through the massive NAB Show in Vegas last month, we spotted these beauties from across the room and just had to go over and say hello. There’s nothing that makes a videographer salivate more than badass (and usually crazy expensive) gear, so whether you’re in the market for a dead sexy production vehicle or just browsing, these sweet rides will have you fantasizing about filmmaking adventures.

KOCO “First Alert Storm Command” Truck

5 Drool Worthy Production Vehicles

5 Drool Worthy Production Vehicles
Mother nature beware. Oklahoma City’s news team has a brand new toy to chase you down.

KOCO’s Channel 5 has acquired a “First Alert Storm Command” truck—a mobile command center that allows the team to track weather live, monitor the elements, and feed the stats back to the station from out on the road.

This truck is mounted with all types of gadgets to enable fast transitions and broadcasting to the news station.

The daunting satellite dish on top of the Command truck allows direct “satellite uplink.” In addition to the stacks of computing power in the backseat, there are cameras mounted for POV shots of storms, which also allow storm chaser meteorologists to do live broadcasts direct to viewers on the latest weather.

Get car sick from reporting while driving? Not a problem—take a break and show viewers the storm’s progress using the flatscreen mounted in the trunk!

Heavy-duty tires allow this vehicle to brave all terrain and constantly monitor wind speed while driving (even calculating in the mph of the truck).

On top of all its cool features, the KOCO Command Truck saves lives too. It was instrumental in May 2016 when massive tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, helping storm chasers track down and relay safety warnings to residents in the area.

High points:

● Mobile Broadcast center
● Cameras for transmitted or live broadcast, POV of storm
● Live tracking of elements (wind speed, etc.)
● Satellite links and TV monitors to show viewers the action



Drool Worthy Production Vehicles

Drool Worthy Production Vehicles
What is NextVR? According to some, it’s the next generation of entertainment.

This lab on wheels is the “only [vehicle] capable of transmitting live high-definition, three-dimensional virtual reality content over the Internet delivering a completely immersive and life-like experience for the viewer.”

The NextVR crew has been busy recently touring the country, filming events and producing a new type of content—a live VR experience streaming online. The team has filmed events ranging from Golden State Warriors basketball games to Jordan Spieth teeing off at the US Open to, most recently, the Kentucky Derby.

The NextVR Camera Rig itself supports up to 6 RED Cameras for a full 360° experience. The crew films the ongoing event and then transmits and encodes the playback so that users with VR headsets and the NextVR app can stream live broadcasts.

The truck is a custom-made production vehicle and the first of its kind. Besides looking like a beefed-up version of the batmobile, the truck features live audio mixing suites, live switchboards for monitoring the broadcast, and all of the computing power necessary (a truck-load, if you will) for producing the content. Currently it is journeying across the country, stopping for major events along the way.

NextVR raised $30.5 million in Series A funding in 2015 and has recently brokered a 5-year deal with Fox Sports.

High points:

● First vehicle of its kind
● Acts as production studio while on the road
● Has audio and video mixing and monitoring
● Only company with live VR streaming



Drool Worthy Production Vehicles

Drool Worthy Production Vehicles
What do you get when you combine 360 days, 37 stops, over 20,000 miles and one great white shark? The 360RV.

Headed by CEO and founder Michael Kintner, this production monster has been touring around the country for the past year spreading the gospel of VR—more specifically, the new GoPro Hero rigs that support 360° video recording.

GoPro has taken its go-anywhere/ film-anything game to the next level, creating portable and affordable mounts to allow for an immersive 360° experience. The products touted included the VR Starter Bundle 360Heros camera mounting hardware, 360CamMan VR Media Management software, and Video Stitch Studio stitching software—everything you need to get started in virtual reality shooting.

Kinter and his team have even started offering 360° video workshops, teaching creators the end-to-end workflow for producing 360° content.

You can catch the RV and Crew at their next stop: the Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood, CA, June 5th-6th.

High points:

● Yearlong tour of the US
● Spreading new GoPro 360° messaging
● Teaching 360° workshops and providing the gear


Fly Motion

Drool Worthy Production Vehicles
Stealth, control, and efficiency all in one vehicle—what more could we ask for? Fly Motion aims to change the game with its production vehicle “Trident,” a mobile UAS (Unmanned Aerials Systems) operating station.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, the vehicle has dedicated flight operating stations where pilots are able to fly and monitor drones from inside the safety of the truck. Not only is the Trident team able to control flight from within, but a generator inside the truck provides the power supply for the drone—allowing for both sustained and extremely quiet operations.

The mobile platform offers unmatched live video streaming for visuals and audio. Using its 48’ mast that extends from the roof, Trident can then take signals picked up by their drones and broadcast them instantly to receivers across the globe.

Currently, the Fly Motion Trident and Fellow Vehicles are used by government agencies as well as relief and rescue efforts all over the world.

High points:

● Mobile operating station
● Flight control, video monitoring and flight power inside van
● 48’ mast for broadcasting signal
● Used for government operations and disaster aid


Shot Over

Drool Worthy Production Vehicles

Drool Worthy Production Vehicles
The Shot Over is a Gyro-Stabilized camera platform that provides unmatched levels of stability for a wide range of vehicles. This system can be mounted on helicopters, trucks, cars, boats—practically anything that moves. The creators’ ultimate goal was to “integrate the ultimate stability, versatility and ease of use.”

It accommodates cameras such as the Red Weapon and Dragon, Arri Alexa (all models including the Alexa Mini), Phantom Flex4K, Canon C500, Sony F55 and F65 along with a broad range of lenses. It supports countless camera and lens combinations and is easily interchangeable.

Shot Over offers different products such as the K1 and F1—built for attaching to vehicles such as helicopters for shots as well as unmanned drone options such as the U1 and U1g. This provides unparalleled stability for shots even at full zoom. (No more shaky drone videos!) They all also have the unique ability to tilt and film straight downwards when mounted.

The Shot Over has been featured in numerous Hollywood blockbusters—everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Hunger Games: Mocking Jay to Jurassic World. Check out the Shot Over website to see the latest adventures and demo reels. Warning: You may have to pick your jaw up off the floor.

The retail price for the F1 system is $425,000 and pricing for U1 is $74,200.

High Points

● Unmatched aerial stability
● Mounted on nearly any vehicle
● Supports many cameras
● Models to attach to vehicles and unmanned drone shots
● Used in blockbusters
Can’t afford one of these sexy rides to go out and shoot on location? Don’t sweat it—we’ve got all the storm, aerial, and other stock footage you need.


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