Instagram is fast becoming the favored social platform for photographers and videographers. Our globe-trotting Marketplace contributors are no exception, so here are a few profiles from our top-selling filmmakers (in no particular order). Whether you’re looking to satisfy wanderlust or see what’s trending in stock footage, these four videographers will add serious oomph to your IG feed.


Derrick Lytle


Derrick captures time lapse footage across the American southwest. His portfolio brings a whole new meaning to the concept of a starry night, with glittering portraits of the Milky Way that would bring Neil deGrasse Tyson to his knees. He spent nearly two years traveling through his home state of Nevada—shooting everything from Las Vegas to the Ruby Mountains. Most recently, Derrick went off-the-grid in New Mexico to explore the depths of Chaco Canyon with his camera.

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Holger Mette


Tired of life as a lawyer in Australia, Holger set off in search of adventure and great footage in 2007. He’s since shot aerial views over the Grand Palace in Bangkok and captured the city of Cartagena at twilight. The only continent he has yet to visit is Antarctica. Along his way, Holger shares travel tips and glimpses into local life—whether it’s a truck serving free beer in Berlin or the best place to watch a sunset in Manila.

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Johannes Oppewal


Johannes founded TravelTelly in 2006 and has since built an epic repository of documentary-style travel footage. His company has grown to include other adventurous videographers, who make a point of doing good in addition to capturing great clips. Johannes often partners with volunteer organizations for his excursions. As a result, his company’s clips give viewers an inside look at unique diverse cultures and tend to have a natural, authentic feel.

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Stef Hoffer


Stef is a traveling videographer with a particular interest in Asia and the Middle East. His home base is in the Netherlands, but you’re more likely to find him filming a shrine in Iran or making his way through the bustling streets of Beijing. He recently took to Instagram with some of his favorite photos and videos—each showing his gift for capturing magical moments in everyday life. Stef’s clips contain a strong human element, which makes his work especially compelling.


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