Who doesn’t want to be a master of time and space—and travel the world? With timelapse footage, we all can. While a photograph captures a single moment, timelapse footage captures thousands of tiny moments into a single fast-paced clip, transporting viewers into stunning fragments of time all over the globe. Inspired by the newest additions to our Membership Library, we’ve created a tour of more than 15 destinations to experience in under a minute.

Time flows fluidly in these clips—this warping effect shifts audiences outside of themselves as they look at the world through a different lens. Evocative, exciting, and pensive, timelapses connect viewers to unique experiences, like the sweeping grandeur of a Russian mountain landscape or the ambient hustle and bustle of a Dubai spice market.

This style of stock footage is perfect for setting the scene and exciting your audience, which is why popular shows like House of Cards and Sherlock use them for memorable opening credits sequences. Timelapse clips instill a sense of wonder, anticipation, and awareness of the world—all important tonal notes for great visual storytelling.

Yet, these clips aren’t always the easiest to shoot. Often requiring expensive mounts or rigs—as well as favorable weather, specialized location permits, and a lot of time and patience—shooting a timelapse can be an intense experience.

Luckily, you don’t have to shoot them yourself. We’ve added dozens of new royalty-free timelapses to our library, all included with your VideoBlocks membership. Are you ready to create your own masterpiece?


Travel the World with Stock