Media blunders are a time honored tradition of election years, but Aleksandr Krivov—a VideoBlocks contributor from Russia—never expected his footage to become a part of U.S. political controversy. Donald Trump’s campaign used one of Krivov’s clips in a video honoring American veterans. The problem? It showed Russian World War II veterans—not American veterans.

Krivov has a few things to say about his (in)famous clip and how it was used by the campaign.

VideoBlocks: What was your reaction to seeing your footage in the news this week?

Krivov: I had a mixed reaction to this news. On the one hand, I was very amused, but I was also in disbelief. How could they be so wrong? And was it really a mistake?

VideoBlocks: What inspired you to shoot this footage—and how did you envision it being used as stock?

Krivov: This is a video I filmed in my hometown of Togliatti, Russia. On May 9, 2015, the town held a military parade in honor of Victory Day. In our country, the number of veterans is decreasing. I decided that for news shows and because of the history of this material, it would be very useful.

Krivov got into the stock filmmaking industry in 2015, building upon his interest in photography and making music videos. He still thinks that stock is the “perfect” field for him, and is continuing to build his portfolio of footage—which will hopefully be accurately used in many projects to come.

You can view his original video of Russian World War II veterans or explore the rest of Krivov’s Marketplace portfolio.


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