Music cover videos have been a staple of YouTube since its inception, but Rob Scallon presents us with a piece unlike anything you’ve ever heard—or seen! His unique banjo cover of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” (a traditional heavy metal composition) is a novel enough reason to warrant a click. From the fancy finger work down to an impressive riff solo midway through, Scallon’s musical expertise really shines—including shots of his audio capture program recording in the background is also a neat touch of detail.

(Warning: Video contains battle effects and serious metal.)

The visual presentation elevates the composition to the next level. A fast-paced, action-filled narrative showcases Scallon and his brothers in arms, caught in the middle of a heated battle complete with cinematic explosions, “banjo rifles”, and various stringed instrument artillery of all types. There’s even a brief nod to first person shooter gamers, plus a neat Easter Egg near the end for particularly nostalgic YouTube fans.

Layered throughout the experience are stock footage clips Scallon expertly interweaves stock footage from our own VideoBlocks library. Creatives are constantly coming up with new ways to present their content to the public that’s innovative and fun, and his installment is another great example of the collaborative community that we like to celebrate. The stage is ours, so what can we create together next?


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