It’s rare to capture a perfect, unexpected moment on film. Imagine you’re skiing down a slope in the Dolomites, when you happen upon two reindeer locking antlers. Unless you keep your camera strategically tucked inside your jacket, you’d miss it. But B. Targosz keeps his camera closer than Santa keeps cookies—and he’s quick on the draw.

Watch two reindeer engage in a playful battle

That’s how he managed to get such stunning footage of reindeer battling on the side of a snowy mountain. While on vacation in Italy, Targosz saw the woodland creatures sauntering across the white landscape and decided to pause in the midst of skiing.

“I stopped to set up my gear, and just when I was ready, they started fighting!” he exclaims.

At the time, Targosz was still a microstock beginner and his enthusiasm for his new occupation drove him to carry a tiny tripod with him everywhere.

“Every cinematography or photography enthusiast is a trigger happy run-and-gun kind of chap in the beginning. That’s how we all start out,” Targosz explains.

Gloves are a must for a winter shoot

It was sheer luck to stumble upon the small mountain ranch with its wandering reindeer. But as the saying goes, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

“I did not intend to film reindeers that day,” he says. “I hope to see something ‘stockworthy’ every day.”

Targosz often films at home in Kraków, Poland, but aims to take one big trip every year to a new locale. Both in Poland and abroad, his wife often plays muse and model for his shoots. They use the opportunity to see the world together and boost his stock portfolio simultaneously.

View the Polish countryside from the sky

“When you’re traveling, you’re constantly on the move—experiencing a large variety of places. This diversity makes me want to shoot more and travel even more,” Targosz continues.

He’s come a long way since shooting the reindeer footage at a safe distance five years ago. Now an established stock filmmaker, Targosz recommends that aspiring professionals take the time for pre production so that they’ll be positioned for success when the right moment strikes.

After years of travel and a vast array of shoots, he still finds himself returning to one particular category of subject matter. When asked what he loves to film the most, Targosz gave the exact right answer:

“My beautiful wife, of course.”

See some choice shots from his expansive portfolio below.

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