Inspiration often strikes at unexpected moments, perhaps when you’re waiting for the bus or hanging out with a friend. A VideoBlocks contributor once told us that he looks for “stock worthy” footage every day, which prompted us to hold our #STOCKWORTHY Instagram contest—asking filmmakers and photographers to share the images and videos from their lives that embody the qualities that we value in stock, from composition to lighting to subject matter.

Over the course of two weeks, we saw stunning entries from across the globe—including a cowboy on a California pier and a 17th century English inn at night. Our team of visual artists and auteurs rounded it down to three winners, who each received a free annual VideoBlocks membership. Here are the stories behind the winning submissions.

Black and White Still of the “Little Theater” by Ricardo Coronado

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Ricardo has been studying photography for about four years, but has always had a particular affinity for lights. Since childhood, the lights on the Christmas tree or the flickering of a flame would mesmerize him. This picture shows his school’s auditorium, which students refer to as the “Little Theater.” A friend who runs the soundboard and programs the lighting equipment was preparing for an upcoming musical. The pattern of the seats and the symmetry of the window caught Ricardo’s eye—inspiring him to snap this photo on his Canon T3.  
Drone Footage of a La Jolla Beach Sunrise by Matthew Gerard

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Matthew has been a professional photographer for about 10 years and started expanding into drone projects in September 2015. He shot this video at the La Jolla Cove in California on his way home from photoshoot in the wee hours of the morning. Matthew happened to have his drone with him, so he decided to stop along the way and capture the sunrise. He sent his camera flying down the coastline around the cove, which yielded this shot. “I am very proud of what was captured,” he said.

Time-Lapse of a Leaf on a Street by George Elias

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As a student without a car, George is stuck taking the bus home from his evening classes. But as a filmmaker, he takes his camera with him everywhere. “This has led to some pretty fantastic filmmaking situations,” he explains.

George took advantage of the 45 minute wait for the bus to shoot this time-lapse. He set his Canon 60D on the ground, with the quick release plate under the lens to point it slightly upward to catch cars passing. “These eight seconds tell me volumes,” he says.

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