A letter to our contributor community from VideoBlocks founder, Joel Holland.

I’ll get right to the point: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of you, the VideoBlocks Marketplace has surpassed 3 million premium stock video clips in under 2 years—an absolute record! Because of you, VideoBlocks is the fastest-growing stock video company in history.

But we don’t just want to be the “biggest” or “fastest.” We want to be the best place for contributors to sell, because we truly believe that when the community wins, we win.

I founded VideoBlocks out of a personal need: I wanted to make money doing what I love—shooting video and sharing it with the world. I was upset that big stock media companies charged too much for content, and didn’t pay contributors a fair commission.

We have a unique strategy at VideoBlocks that we call “Win-Win-Win”—when our contributors win, our customers win, and so does the company. In order for us to succeed as a company, our customers need to be happy. Most companies understand this. But we take it a step further, and find that for our customers to be happiest, first our contributors need to be happy. Contributors have a lot of options when it comes to who they work with, and the quality of content they are willing to supply.

I want you to know that VideoBlocks truly prioritizes our relationships with contributors. That is how we can continue to grow in the stock media space at a time when many of our competitors are cutting the commissions they are paying producers, requiring exclusive relationships, and otherwise prioritizing the bottom line first. We think that is a fundamentally flawed way to do business in the long run.

I think we can all do well: Win-Win-Win. This is why we pay 100% commission to our contributors. Not because we are being charitable, but because we can all succeed together.

Thank you for being a part of the VideoBlocks community! We will continue working hard in 2017 to make your selling experience even more amazing.

Thank you! – Joel


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