Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Spring is FINALLY here and we're all anxious to break out our cameras and capture the season's beauty. But before you go ambush the local tulip bed, let's step back and talk about some macro shooting basics. Taking the time to understand depth of field, macro shooting composition and proper lighting will result in some killer springtastic shots! What is Macro? Macro refers to taking video or pictures of very small things. Think about lady bugs, flower petals, worms...all of those spring time symbols that we love so much. Shooting macro … Read more about Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Video Blocks Focuses on 4K Footage

4k footage was a big theme at NAB. We were thrilled to be in an arena where we were surrounded by the industry's best 4k technology. After talking to many of our customers, we realized there is a great need for 4k footage, so we're making it a top priority this year! As a result, we purchased our very own Scarlet X! We'll be using it to bring you a whole new library of amazing 4K content. Not familiar with the camera? Here's some info on what this powerful little machine can do. The Scarlet-X The Scarlet-X is part of the Red Digital Cinema … Read more about Video Blocks Focuses on 4K Footage

Top 10 Best Animated Voice Over Performances

The biggest movie news of the day seems to be Disney and Pixar's announcement that Finding Dory, the long awaited Finding Nemo sequel, has been officially slated to release in November of 2015. The push for the film was greatly spearheaded by Ellen Degeneres, the voice of Dory. There's no debating that her comedic character voice acting was one of the highlights of recent Pixar casting. That got us thinking...what are the very top animated movie voice over performances of all time? Here's what we narrowed it down to:   10. Anika Noni … Read more about Top 10 Best Animated Voice Over Performances

Where Do You Get Your Stock Footage?

Whenever we have the chance to talk to our customers one-on-one, the first question they ask is typically "so, where do you get all of your stock footage?" Well, today we're putting an end to the mystery as we walk you through how we go about procuring stock footage for VideoBlocks!     1. In House Production While it would be almost impossible for us to go out and get ALL of the footage that you see on Video Blocks ourselves, we do love getting behind the camera to shoot our own stuff! Specifically we work a lot with our own … Read more about Where Do You Get Your Stock Footage?

Behind the Scenes: GoPro Array

GoPros are so popular, and they've really started incorporating some fun tools to help videographers make the most of their compact technology. Recently people have been putting a few cameras together to create a camera array. This allows you to edit the footage into that "Matrix" suspended in motion feel. Depending on the size of the array, this effect can be either underwhelming or absolutely extraordinary. A surfing company named Rip Curl has used the GoPro array set up to create commercials for their Mirage board shorts. In their first … Read more about Behind the Scenes: GoPro Array

Your Favorite Video Blocks Stock Footage Clips as GIFs

If there's anything we've learned from the Internet, it's that people love cats and GIFs. So we're jumping on the bandwagon and presenting to you our top 10 favorite Video Blocks stock footage clips as GIFs. Enjoy! 1. Girl in Purple Shirt Dancing               2. Man Eating Grapes                  3. Woman in Dress Dancing                 4. Cat with a … Read more about Your Favorite Video Blocks Stock Footage Clips as GIFs

Getting The Most Out Of Your Stock Footage

Finding the right stock footage can be a tricky ordeal. You need something that will work well with your project, without getting too specific and without running into any legal issues. That's a tall order! Here are three great things you should keep an eye out for when you're looking for the perfect clip. 1. Quality If you're taking the time to edit a project, you want it to look nice. Using stock footage is a great, affordable way to fill out a video, but you want to make sure the quality of the footage reflects the quality of your project. … Read more about Getting The Most Out Of Your Stock Footage

Optimizing Your Videos for YouTube

Are you getting the most bang for your YouTube buck? Optimizing your channel is a key step if you want your videos to go viral. Here are some steps for getting the most out of your YouTube channel. 1. Descriptive Title Once you have your channel set up and your first video uploaded, writing a descriptive title is key. There’s some evidence that including keywords like how to, tutorial, and video can increase your chances of getting you video featured in Google search results. You can do keyword research for video just like you would for a … Read more about Optimizing Your Videos for YouTube