Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Spring is FINALLY here and we're all anxious to break out our cameras and capture the season's beauty. But before you go ambush the local tulip bed, let's step back and talk about some macro shooting basics. Taking the time to understand depth of field, macro shooting composition and proper lighting will result in some killer springtastic shots! What is Macro? Macro refers to taking video or pictures of very small things. Think about lady bugs, flower petals, worms...all of those spring time symbols that we love so much. Shooting macro … Read more about Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Where Do You Get Your Stock Footage?

Whenever we have the chance to talk to our customers one-on-one, the first question they ask is typically "so, where do you get all of your stock footage?" Well, today we're putting an end to the mystery as we walk you through how we go about procuring stock footage for VideoBlocks!     1. In House Production While it would be almost impossible for us to go out and get ALL of the footage that you see on Video Blocks ourselves, we do love getting behind the camera to shoot our own stuff! Specifically we work a lot with our own … Read more about Where Do You Get Your Stock Footage?

Optimizing Your Videos for YouTube

Are you getting the most bang for your YouTube buck? Optimizing your channel is a key step if you want your videos to go viral. Here are some steps for getting the most out of your YouTube channel. 1. Descriptive Title Once you have your channel set up and your first video uploaded, writing a descriptive title is key. There’s some evidence that including keywords like how to, tutorial, and video can increase your chances of getting you video featured in Google search results. You can do keyword research for video just like you would for a … Read more about Optimizing Your Videos for YouTube

Setting Up a Church Projection System

Using video and motion backgrounds is a constantly growing trend for churches and worship groups, but initiating this type of project can be a little overwhelming. We've put together a little check list of sorts to help get you started and answer some of those daunting questions. What You Need If you want to start incorporating video into your worship service, there are a few fundamental supplies you need to get your hands on first. A Projector. Have a budget? Great! Buy one on Amazon. Don't have a budget? Reach out to local libraries or … Read more about Setting Up a Church Projection System

How to Blur Images in Final Cut Pro

It's not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you need to remove a corporate logo from a piece of video. If you've never done it before, here's a simple step by step guide for blurring out images in Final Cut Pro. 1. Put your original video on Video Track 1 and make a duplicate copy that you will edit on Video Track 2. (You can do this by holding down Option+Command+Shift and dragging the video up to the next track.) 2. Mark an In and Out point at the beginning and end of this clip to ensure that you'll only edit this section … Read more about How to Blur Images in Final Cut Pro

5 Tips for Making a Great Video Editing Demo Reel

Creating a high quality demo reel is now a mandatory part of the video editing industry. As an individual, it is the most important piece of work you can edit. As a corporation, your reel serves at the public image of the entire company's work. To say that it is dire to pay utmost attention to detail when editing a reel may be an understatement. We've put together a list of our top five tips and tricks to make sure your video editing demo reel is the best it can be. 1. Choose the best of the best. When making a demo reel, quality is … Read more about 5 Tips for Making a Great Video Editing Demo Reel

Top 5 Universities for Film School and Video Editing

Back to school time is here! We've decided to run a short series on some of the colleges and universities with the best reputations in media education. Over the next week or so we'll break down some of the options by major, state vs. private school, area of focus and more. These short and unbiased top 5 lists should help you, or your kids, find a starting point when researching higher education. The old saying is to go big or go home, so today we're going to feature the top 5 universities and colleges with excellent reputations in film studies … Read more about Top 5 Universities for Film School and Video Editing

The Future of Video Editing Careers

No one wants to talk about the economy these days, but given the Bureau of Labor Statistic's most recent projection for the video editing and camera operating fields, it might be worth bringing up. You see, their most recent results have found that the job opportunities for camera operators and video editors are only supposed to grow by 4% over the next decade. That's well below the average growth rates for other occupations. So why is our industry in such peril? And how can you make sure that you're part of the growth, and not part of the … Read more about The Future of Video Editing Careers