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Where Do You Get Your Stock Footage?

Whenever we have the chance to talk to our customers one-on-one, the first question they ask is typically “so, where do you get all of your stock footage?” Well, today we’re putting an end to the mystery as we walk you through how we go about procuring stock footage for Video Blocks!



1. In House Production

While it would be almost impossible for us to go out and get ALL of the footage that you see on Video Blocks ourselves, we do love getting behind the camera to shoot our own stuff! Specifically we work a lot with our own Phantom Miro camera, which produces a lot of the awesome slow motion content that you see on the site. We also make a point to get some great shots with our DSLRs and Sony camcorders whenever we’re out on the road.

2. Library Acquisition

Our favorite way to get footage is to reach out to videographers, music composers and production companies to buy rights to already existing content. This might be excess clips that were left on the cutting room floor after editing a comercial or documentary, or it may just be a giant folder of work that has been put away as just a hobby. We look for big collections so we can make a substantial impact on our VideoBlocks library!

3. Traveling Videographers

We have a few videographers who shoot stuff for us on an ongoing basis. These are people that we’ve developed relationships with over many many years to go out and shoot locations that we might not otherwise get footage of. They send us cut up, 15-second clips a few times a year and we add it to the site! (Unfortunately, we are not accepting application for these types of videographers at this time.)


If you think you may be interested in shooting stock footage, we encourage you to check out this article about the basics of selling stock footage. They have some great tips on what type of footage to sell and how to make the most of footage you already have!

Want some stock footage of your own? As always, we have a free stock footage clip here for you to download. Just click the button below to download your free stock footage clip!

Download Your Free American Flag Stock Footage Clip

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  • Tom

    We get nearly all of our stock videos through individual videographers who either offer it for free to promote themselves or for a small fee.

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