Using Alpha Channel Footage in Adobe Premiere

Are you looking to add some flashy special effects to your project, but don’t exactly have the Hollywood budget? Alpha channel footage may be your answer! By using video footage with a translucent layer, you can add explosions, underwater effects and more just by laying an alpha channel on top of your footage. Here’s how you can use an alpha channel clip in Adobe Premiere:

Download Your Free Explosion Effect Stock Footage Clip

1.  Import your footage and the lower third template into Adobe Premiere (File>Import)

Adobe Premiere Alpha Channels Step 1

2. Place your footage on Video Track 1.

Premiere Alpha Channels Step 2

3. Place the video clip with an alpha channel on Video Track 2 directly above your footage. When you scrub over the footage, you should see the alpha channel footage on top of your footage.

Premiere Alpha Channels Step 3

4. Now you can play around with the alpha channel clip to get the effect you want. You can make sure it times up with your project correctly, make it bigger or smaller, faster or slower. Get creative!

Premiere Alpha Channels Step 4

5. Depending on the effect you’re using, you may want to add a cross dissolve at the beginning and end of your alpha channel so it transitions in and out of your video more smoothly. (Effects>Video Transitions>Dissolve>Cross Dissolve) 

6. Save your project.

Premiere Alpha Channel Step 6

7. Render your project.

Premiere Alpha Channel Step 7

8. Save your project.

That’s all you have to do! Simply layering an alpha channel clip on top of your project will add some stunning special effects to your work.

Want to keep practicing? Download this free alpha channel footage!

Download Your Free Explosion Effect Stock Footage Clip

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