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Top 10 Surrealist Videos: Stock Footage That Reimagines Creativity

“Sometimes I’d believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
—The Red Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass

The everyday can be so boring—why not be extraordinary? Great storytelling doesn’t always have to be realistic. Some of the most memorable films of our time are built on the idea that reality isn’t always what it seems: The Matrix, Inception, not to mention Harry Potter. The world is full of fantastic—and maybe slightly weird—possibilities. For filmmakers, dabbling outside of the ordinary can be just what you need to unlock creative worlds.

To fire up your imagination, we’ve gathered our most inspiring, dreamlike, and surreal clips from our stock footage and motion backgrounds library, including Contributor Marketplace footage. So embrace the impossible with these 10 fantastical clips—and find out where your imagination will take you!


Extraordinary Royalty-Free Stock Footage

These Membership Library videos are included with all VideoBlocks subscriptions.

Download this colorful lens flare sunset in a winter forest footage.

Download this beautiful lake aerial footage.

Download this Karadere Beach Waves footage.

Download this happy girl with umbrella in the rain footage.

Download this boat on a moonlit sea footage.


Imaginative Marketplace Stock Footage

These Contributor Marketplace videos are made by filmmakers and producers in our creative community– that means 100% of every video sale goes straight back to our contributors.

Download this cloud time lapse stock footage.

Download this surreal sunset with flowers stock footage from our Marketplace.

Download this galaxy nebula background stock footage from our Marketplace.

Download this moonlight landscape stock footage from our Marketplace.

Download this sunset in the field stock footage from our Marketplace.

Ready to create your own world with stock? Download all of these and more from our libraries and start expanding your creative horizons.


Imagine the Impossible



  • John Paul Riger

    Dear folks at videoblocks,
    THANK YOU so much for all you do. Your hard work us helping us with our hard work trying to achieve our dreams. We can’t express how much we appreciate all you do.

  • Andrew Afar

    You send me 10 clips, ONLY TWO are part of my membership, and for $50 I can have the others ??????? SERIOUSLY.

    If you are going to send me “leaders” make them leaders that I can use.


    • Melissa

      Hi Andrew,

      Sorry for any confusion! The first 5 clips are all included with your membership and are free to download–they are part of the Membership Library as noted in the article. The last 5 clips are from the Contributor Marketplace, where 100% of sales go straight to the stock filmmaker and we don’t take a cut. There is no obligation to purchase from the Contributor Marketplace.

      Hope this info helps!

      Thank you for being a part of our community!

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