How to Use Lower Third Templates in Adobe Premiere

Using a lower third graphic is a great way to add titles and text to your video. Most editing software has some type of title tool generator that will allow you to make the graphics during the video editing process, but sometimes this tool can be very limiting and will not produce the best quality graphics.

If you’re looking for something a little more professional, you may want to consider using lower thirds from an outside source. These files come with a built in alpha channel, which means the graphic itself will be able to float seamlessly over your footage.

Download Your Free Stock Footage Clip

Here’s a look at the workflow of how you would do this in Adobe Premiere:

1.  Import your footage and the lower third template into Adobe Premiere (File>Import)

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 1 resized 600

2. Place your footage on Video Track 1.

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 2 resized 600

3. Place the lower third template on Video Track 2 directly above your footage. When you scrub over the footage, you should see the lower third on top of your footage.

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 3 resized 600

4. Now it is time to add text. (Title>New Title>Default Still) A preview window will pop up. Adjust your text to your liking and make sure it lines up with your lower third template (ie, all the text fits inside the template, the color shows up well on the background, etc)

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 4.0  resized 600
Lower Third How To Premiere Step 4.5 resized 600

5. Your title will show up in the Project bin on the left. Drag that to Video Track 3 directly above both the footage and lower third template. 

6. Now you want to animate your text to appear and disappear with the rest of the lower third. Position the title so it appears on your screen as the lower third comes in.

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 6 resized 600

7. Add a cross dissolve to the beginning of the title. (Effects>Video Transitions>Dissolve>Cross Dissolve) Adjust the length and position as needed. If your lower third also disappears at the end, you can add a cross dissolve to the end of the title tool as well so it animates out.

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 7 resized 600

8. Save your project.

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 8 and 10 resized 600

9. Render your project.

Lower Third How To Premiere Step 9 resized 600

10. Save your project.

And that is it! It is just that easy to use Adobe Premiere to customize some professional looking Lower Third templates.

Want to give it a shot? Download this FREE lower third template and use it to practice! 

Download Your Free Lower Third Stock Footage Clip

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