How to Convert Color Footage to Black and White in Final Cut Pro

Most stock footage these days comes in full color, but maybe you are looking to create a special black and white effect for your project. That is really easy to do!
Practically all video editing platforms have some way to convert footage to black and white, but sometimes they can be hidden deeply in a video effect menu.Here’s how you can convert video to black and white using Final Cut Pro:

Download Your Free Stock Footage Clip

1) Import the video you want to change to black and white (File>Import>File).  

FCP Black and White Step 1

2) Pull your video clip to Video Track 1.

FCP Black and White Step 2

3) Open the Effects tab in the top left project window. Find the Desaturate tool and drag that on top of your video clip on Video Track 1. (Effect>Video Filters>Image Control>Desaturate)

FCP Black and White Step 3

4) Save your project. Render it if necessary, and then save it again!

FCP Black and White FinalAnd that’s all you have to do! Using these easy steps to add black and white footage to your project can totally change the tone and look of your project. Want to try doing making black and white footage yourself? Download this free clip and give it a shot!

Download Your Free Stock Footage Clip


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