13 Free Stock Footage Sites in 2013

We’re apparently loving this “13 in 2013″ idea, so we thought we’d keep going with a list of 13 free stock footage and media sites that you can keep bookmarked this whole year. Many of these are sites we’ve highlighted in previous posts, and some are brand new to our radar. This list is sure to help you get the free resources you need no matter what type of project you’re working on!


1. Stock Footage For Free

Developed by Footage Firm many years ago, Stock Footage for Free has become the most trusted provider of completely free footage on the Internet. New clips are added every week, and the site is easy to navigate by categories. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook, too.

2. Free Stock Music

If you need stock music but don’t have a budget for it, this is your place. This site is constantly updating with new production music that you can download in multiple file formats to easily fit in with your project. All you need is an email address or Facebook account to sign up.

3. MPEG Streamclip

This site isn’t for free footage, but instead a way convert all that free footage you may have. is the site where you can download MPEG Streamclip. This completely free conversion program is easily one of the best online tools for anyone that uses video. If you haven’t downloaded MPEG Streamclip yet, you should go do it now!

4. Motion Backgrounds for Free

If motion backgrounds are more your thing, this is the site for you. Motion Backgrounds for Free adds five new animated backgrounds to their site every week. With plenty of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like on this site.

5. Free AE Templates 

For all of those who dabble in the world of After Effects, this site is truly a miracle. Free AE Templates gives away new After Effects templates every week. These are all professional quality templates that would cost hundreds of dollars on other sites. Even if you don’t know how to use After Effects yet, these templates are a great way to learn. Definitely a site worth bookmarking.


6. Video Copilot Basic Training

While we’re on the topic of After Effects, we thought we’d throw these great free tutorials onto our list. Video Copilot offers this extensive set of video tutorials that will help you master basic skills in After Effects. This is a great starting point for all new AE users.


7. Sound Effects for Free

Need sound effects? These guys have plenty of them. Sound effects are categorized into easy to download sets so you don’t waste your time downloading one sound at a time. New sets are added three times per week so there is plenty of material to choose from.


8. Stock Photos for Free

Maybe you’re looking more for pictures instead of video. No worries, we can help you with that, too!  Stock Photos for Free offers, you guessed it, free stock photos. They have thousands! It doesn’t take much to get lost in their extensive library of material. You can follow them on Facebook, too!

9. Free Worship Backgrounds

This is a great free motion background site that is targeted specifically for those who use backgrounds for church work. Though the site is open to absolutely everyone, you’ll be able to find some great Christian themed backgrounds on this site!

10. Epic Slow Mo

We’ve told you about Epic Slow Mo a few times, but did you know that now you can download many of the amazing slow motion shots featured on the site? That new addition makes Epic Slow Mo a valuable assest on this free footage in 2013 list!

11. Free Worship Loops 

This is another site for free motion backgrounds. The site doesn’t have as big of a library as Free Worship Backgrounds, but it is still high quality content available at no cost to you!


12. X StockVideo

X Stock Video is not a completely free site, but they do offer all of their footage for free if you want the web sized version. If you’re doing small scale work, this can be a great resource for you!


13. Free Music Archive

Though it takes a little searching and know how, Free Music Archive is an incredible online source for production music. They work hard to distribute free music for a variety of uses. Just make sure you read the rules for each individual song so you know exactly what is legal and what is not!


What are you waiting for? Start bookmarking these links and keep them in mind next time you’re looking for new content or inspiration. And don’t forget we like to give away stuff for free, too! Here’s a link to a free after effects templatef! Just click the button below and it is yours! Enjoy!

Download Your Free After Effects Template

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