Free Lower Thirds and Alpha Channel Transitions from Footage Firm

We’ve done a handful of posts on lower third templates and effective transitions, so we wanted to make sure we let you know about a great deal on those very products! has released a collection of free lower third templates and free transitions with alpha channels. They’re really easy to use and will add some great effects to your next project.

The lower thirds come in a lot of different styles and can be easily customized to include your own text and logos. Each template comes with a .mov file with an alpha channel as well as an After Effects project, so you have complete control in how you want to adjust the templates. With the .mov files, all you have to do is drag them on top of your footage and they will float seamlessly above your project! Then, just add a text layer and you are good to go!

FF Giveaway Set 1 

Lower Third Template Sample

The transitions are great resources to have next time you really need to jazz up a project. The Footage Firm collection includes everything from your basic star wipe to more complex track matte transitions that will really wow your viewer. Again, .mov files and After Effect project files are included with the DVDs, so you can use them however you wish!

 FF Giveaway Transition Set 1

Transition Sample

You can order these free lower thirds and free transitions by following this link:

Just pick out the collections you want and drop them into your cart. It costs $8.41 for shipping and handling, but that’s a great deal considering collections like these on other sites go for hundreds of dollars. Make sure to check out their other free footage while you’re there, too. They release a new collection about once a month, so they have lots of good deals available!

Have you already ordered this collection from Footage Firm? Let us know what you think! What kinds of projects are you planning to use them in?

Here’s a free lower third template to hold you over until your order from Footage Firm arrives!

Download Your Free Lower Third Stock Video Clip

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