140 Free Motion Backgrounds from Footage Firm

Our friends at Footage Firm have been on fire this month with their awesome giveaways. Earlier we told you about their free cinematic production music, which was awesome, but now they’re giving away high-quality motion backgrounds for free. These are really nice clips at a clearly unbeatable value.

About the Collection

This collection has 140 backgrounds that come on 14 discs, with 10 clips on one. (Yeah, you probably could have figured that math out yourself, but then what would we write about?) Each disc has a different theme, and you’re welcome to get all 14 or just pick and choose with the collections you really want. Here are a couple of our favorite collections:

Smooth Light

This collection of 10 motion backgrounds is sleek and subtle, perfect for professional presentations. There are a variety of different colors and styles to choose from, so you’re always bound to have the perfect background for any occasion. Here’s a quick demo reel with everything on that disc:


Free Smooth Light Motion Backgrounds from Footage Firm

Particle Dreams 

If you’re looking for some looping backgrounds with a little more style and pizzazz, this may be a better fit for you. This backgrounds are stunning, yet soothing, and are sure to impress any clients.

Particle Dreams Free Motion Backgrounds from Footage Firm

To pick up these graphics, just follow this link to Footage Firm’s free footage page. Add the discs you want to your cart and check out! It’s that easy. They’ll arrive at your address in about 10 business days and you’ll be free to use them forever and ever. Best part? They’re all free! Just pay $8.41 for shipping and handling.

And if you’re a big fan of motion backgrounds and can’t wait the 10 days for your discs to arrive, we have one right here to quench your looping background thirst. Just click on the red button below to download your free motion background from VideoBlocks!

Download Your Free Looping Background

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