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How To Make A Killer Video For Less Than $100

Anyone with a phone can make a video these days, but to make a professional, high-quality video that gives your company or brand a clean, modern look requires two important things 1) the time and effort put into editing the video, and 2) excellent content – video, audio, and still imagery. If you are low

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How To Create a Watermark in Sony Vegas

Watermarking your video is a simple way to ensure your creative masterpiece does not get ripped off when you upload it to the Internet. The process of creating a watermark is typically very simple, but the exact steps can vary depending on what video editing software you use. Here are the step by step instructions for creating a watermarked video in Sony Vegas.

How To Create a Split Screen in Sony Vegas

We talked last week about how to create a split screen in Final Cut Pro, but we know a lot of our readers are Sony Vegas users, so we didn’t want to leave you out! Here are the step by step instructions for creating a split screen effect in Sony Vegas. It is really easy!

How to Use Alpha Channel Special Effect Footage in Sony Vegas

You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget to create stellar special effects in your projects. Alpha channel footage is a really simple way to add some wow-factor to your video. Alpha channels allow you to maintain a layer of transparency in your videos so your effect can float seamlessly over your project. As a result, you can make things explode, you can light things on fire, or even make it rain. Here is how you can use an alpha channel video using Sony Vegas:

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