Great Student Made Video Editing Projects

We’ve mentioned it a few times before, but using video in schools is really a great way to encourage creativity and story-telling with students. In today’s blog, we decided to put the spotlight on a few student made videos that demonstrate this point. We think you’ll be amazed to see what young minds come up with and maybe inspire you to come up with an educational video project of your own!

OS X Mountain Lion: A Good Step for Video Editors?

Mountain Lion is one step closer towards integrating Mac’s iOS software and OS X software. In other words, we’re getting closer to a world where iPods, iPads and Macs will all run off of the same system. Here are some of the advantages we think will be really useful in the video editing realm:

4 Tips for Winning Your Oscar Ballot Pool

The Oscars are less than a week away, so it’s time to start putting together your ballot and entering some pools! Before you place your bets, read through these helpful tips so you have the greatest shot at victory come Sunday night.

The Zolly: Add Flare To Your Footage

It’s always good to learn some new camera tricks to keep your content looking fresh. We have one to share with you today called “The Zolly”. As you might guess from the name, it is a little trick that uses both a zoom and a dolly to create an effect that will visually suspend your subject in space.

New Free Cinematic Music from Footage Firm

Free production music is always a great find, but free cinematic production music is a whole other realm of awesome. Footage Firm is offering 11 DVDs full of high quality cinematic production music, perfect for any story-telling project.

How To Create a Split Screen in Sony Vegas

We talked last week about how to create a split screen in Final Cut Pro, but we know a lot of our readers are Sony Vegas users, so we didn’t want to leave you out! Here are the step by step instructions for creating a split screen effect in Sony Vegas. It is really easy!

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How To Create A Split Screen in Final Cut Pro

Creating split screens is a fun and practical tool to add to your video editing arsenal. Final Cut Pro gives you all of the tools to do it right inside its program, and by just learning the basic idea you’ll open yourself up to infinite editing possibilities. Below are the step by step instructions for creating a basic side by side slit screen in Final Cut Pro 7.

20 Ways to Incorporate Video Editing in the Classroom

It can be hard to keep churning out fun and engaging activities to do in your classroom. We wanted to help out, so we’ve put together 20 different ways that you can use video technology in your classroom. Take a look and see if it inspires you to incorporate a camera into your curriculum!

Will Avid Replace iMovie on the iPad?

Avid just announced yesterday that they have launced a video editing app for the iPad. This is a pretty radical move for a company that only years ago was on its way out of business. This $4.99 app is available in the Apple App Store, right along side Apple’s own product, iMovie. So the question is…will Avid be able to knock iMovie out of the video editing app spotlight?

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