CES 2012: What to Expect

Tomorrow marks the start of the 2012 CES trade show, or Consumer Electronics Show. Year after year this event in Las Vegas is home to the birth of gadgets, software updates and innovation announcements. Here are some highlights of what the experts think you can expect this year:

7 Basic Camera Movements

With today’s post, we’re heading back to Video Production 101 for a review on the seven most basic camera movements. These fundamental techniques can inspire a countless number of combinations that will add depth and visual interest to your next project.

Top 5 Video Hosting Websites

If you’re looking to store your videos online, did you know that you have more options than just YouTube? There are dozens of different video hosting websites that offer a variety of perks and services which might fit your specific needs. Take a look through out list of the top five video hosting websites and see which one will work best for you!

The Fundamentals of Talent Released Stock Footage

When creating a documentary, film, television show or even just a school project, it is wise to be weary of talent release rules. If you fail to explain the expectations of the talent and what their image may be used for, you could end up in a slurry of legal trouble that may halt your production schedule. Take some time to read over these fundamentals of talent release so you can ensure your production goes off without a hitch.

Videos of the Week: Playing with Toys

Are your kids already sick of playing with that 5,000 piece Kinex set you gave them last week? Or did you buy your four-year-old a Millennium Falcon Lego set, just because you knew you’d get to put it together yourself? It’s cool, we’re not here to judge. In fact, we encourage you to play with your (or your kids’) toys! We found a few cool videos where people put their toys to good use. Check them out!

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Technology Makes an Impact on 2011 Google Top Searches

As 2011 comes to an end, everyone is putting together lists of the most viewed, the most searched, the most downloaded, the most everything of 2011. Google is obviously no exception. A couple of weeks ago they released the Top 10 Most Searched Topics in 2011. A lot of the winners surprised us, but what we really found interesting what how accurately this list portrays the importance of technology in our society.

The Basics of Microphones

We talk a lot about creating the ultimate video on this blog, but sometimes we neglect to talk about the audio side of things. If our old home movies teach us anything, its that poor audio can ruin a memory. Sometimes it is too soft, sometimes it is way too loud, there can be popping or static…there are just so many problems that can arise. If you want to have the ultimate audio for your next video project, you should learn a little bit about microphones and pic up a few good habits for when you’re recording.

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