How to Create a Screen Recording in QuickTime

Screen recordings can be a valuable tool that can suite many purposes like teaching someone a new skill or using them to illustrate a technical problem you may be having. They are really easy to put together, especially if you have QuickTime installed on your computer. Here are step by step instructions for creating your own screen recording with QuickTime.

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How to Make Your Green Screen Wrinkle Free

If you’ve ever tried to shoot your own green screen footage before, you’re probably well aware that even a single wrinkle or imperfection in your green screen can cause mayhem when you go to add the chroma key effect in editing. Here are some tips to help you keep your green screen studio wrinkle free without a lot of work!

Motion Backgrounds for Free

They’re at it again. Our friends at Footage Firm have helped launch another free website that you should take advantage of! This one is called Motion Backgrounds for Free, and it is sure to blow your mind.

Storyboard Your Home Movies

Home movies are an invaluable way to create family memories that will last for years to come, but have you ever thought about taking your home movies to the next level? Instead of just turning your camcorder on and off and transferring the footage to a DVD, why not put some more thought into creating a story? By thinking through the processes like you would if you were to storyboard a film, you’ll find that your home movies will become way more meaningful in the future. Here are some tips on how you can storyboard your next home movies.

New Free Production Music from Footage Firm

Does the new year have you looking for a new soundtrack to your life? Our friends at Footage Firm are here to grant your wish! They just released a new collection of free production music, and it’s already selling like hotcakes! Take a look at what they have to offer and then go scoop some up for yourself before they’re all gone.

Going for Gold: A Look at the 2012 Oscar Front Runners

Last night was the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards. For anyone not mourning a disappointing Green Bay Packers loss (like yours truly), the night really did live up to all of the Hollywood hype. There were plenty of Cinderella stories, and just as many familiar faces gracing the stage. A cute dog and some exceptionally slow teleprompter work added fun and spontaneity to the night. But let’s be honest; the only thing the Golden Globes are good for is to predict who will receive this year’s Oscar nominations. This year there were three movies at the Golden Globes that caught my attention as being potential Oscar winners. Here’s a look at those three movies and what they say about 2011’s movie culture.

Converting Video to Use in iMovie on iPad 2

Having iMovie on your iPad 2 is great and all, but isn’t it super frustrating when it only allows you to use video that you shot on the iPad? That takes a little of the convenience out of on-the-go editing. However, you can get that footage you shot on your camcorder onto the iPad 2 with just a few easy steps.

How to Batch Watermark Videos in Compressor

Have you ever needed to watermark a ton of videos, but didn’t want to take the time to individually run them through Final Cut? There is another option out there, and it is really simple to do! Compressor has the power to batch watermark video clips so they all turn out perfect, and it’s half the amount of work of doing it manually in a video editing program. Want to know how? Follow these easy steps!

CES 2012: What to Expect

Tomorrow marks the start of the 2012 CES trade show, or Consumer Electronics Show. Year after year this event in Las Vegas is home to the birth of gadgets, software updates and innovation announcements. Here are some highlights of what the experts think you can expect this year:

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