Old Fashioned Video Editing

How frustrating is it to see that render bar take days to finish processing your project? Or how about the anger that builds the minute you see Apple’s “pinwheel of death”? Remember that one time Avid deemed all of your latest imports as “Media Offline”? Yup, modern day video editing can be pretty darn infuriating. We think that’s why a few of our Video Blocks friends have reverted back to more simple times. Times when a simple pair of scissors and rolls of tape could get the job done for you. Here are a few of our old fashioned video editing pictures that were submitted during our Coolest Video Editing Setup contest. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween from VideoBlocks!

A Halloween Treat for our Blog Readers


Boil, boil, toil and trouble 

Fires burn and cauldrons bubble… 



You walk down a hallway, on tip toes and sneaky 

But you shudder inside as you pass a door that’s creaky… 



You turn to your left, then turn to your right 

An eerie noise up ahead gives you quite a fright 



Should you keep moving? Or should you stand still? 

If you stay, there’s no knowing what types of creatures you might have to kill. 



So you slowly head back, and you try not to fret 

Because deep down you know VideoBlocks has the best Halloween treat yet. 



Happy Halloween from VideoBlocks! As a special Halloween treat, go ahead and download all four of the clip in the poem above for free! Use them royalty free to put together your next spooktacular project! 

VideoBlocks jack-o-lanterns

Halloween Special Effects Video Editing Tutorials

You have your Halloween candy bowl set, the plastic skeleton hanging and your fake cob webs decorating every bush in your front yard…but are you really ready for Halloween? Take a look at these awesome video tutorials so you can be inspired to take your Halloween family videos to the next level with impressive Halloween special effects!

Top 5 Fun Video Editing Tools in iMovie ‘09

So many people use iMovie ‘09 for their basic video editing needs, and why wouldn’t you? It comes free on every Mac, it is pretty user friendly (especially for novice editors), and it has great tools to make it easy to share your final projects online. However, even some of the most faithful iMovie users don’t know about some of the fun features the program has to offer. Here’s a list of five of our favorite fun tools in iMovie ‘09 that you should think about using next time you’re editing.

iPhone Storyboard Composer

A while ago we stressed to you the importance of storyboarding whenever you go to start a video project. Little did we know that there’s an app for that! Cinemek has a great new App available in the iTunes App Store that will make storyboarding an even easier process for you!

Free Holiday Production Music from Footage Firm

‘Tis the season to be editing! Our friends at Footage Firm just released a huge new collection of royalty free holiday production music to help you with all of your festive endeavors! Whether you’re frantically putting together a last minute Halloween movie or working ahead on some Christmas and New Years projects, they have you covered!

VideoBlocks Sponsors Voices of Hope Productions

VideoBlocks is happy to announce that we’ve started sponsoring an amazing non-profit group that is making an impact through the use of video. Voices of Hope is a woman-owned creative services and multimedia production company dedicated to creative and community-based social issues and documentary film-making as a means to educate, engage, empower and entertain while fostering leadership, citizenship and inspiration in adults and youth to make a difference in our society.

Top 5 Most Impressive Video Editing Setups

When VideoBlocks held its Coolest Video Editing Setup contest, we got hundreds of entries that made us green with envy. Here are the top 5 most impressive video editing setups that we found!

Footage Firm Free Nature Footage

Our friends at Footage Firm have released yet another free stock footage collection! This time they have some beautiful high definition nature footage that was shot using a dolly and jib. The collection features everything from arid landscapes to lush forests, so there is sure to be something for everyone!

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