Top 10 Video Editing Animals

We recently held a contest at VideoBlocks to find the coolest video editing setups out there. After going through about 1,200 submissions, we came to the conclusion that cats and dogs love to edit videos almost as much as we humans do! Here are our top 10 favorite video editing animal pictures!

Free Stock Music

We always love to tell you when there’s a good deal to be had, and this is one you definitely won’t want to miss out on! A new site called just launched and it is an awesome resource for any type of free production music you may be looking for! The site is clean, easy to navigate and best of all, is completely free!

How the New iPhone 4s Will Impact Pictures and Video

If you’re anything like me, you just spent the last two hours drooling over your computer as you watched live blogs of the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event at Apple’s headquarters in California. Though the presentation started slow, it did not disappoint in the end with the introduction of the iPhone 4s. This new phone, though practically identical to the iPhone 4 on the outside, is full of new features and new technology that will fill any Apple enthusiast’s heart with pure joy. Here’s a look at some of the new features that will make an impact on the audio/visual world.

September’s Best Video Editing Blogs

September has come and gone and now all we are left with is dropping temperatures and over priced pumpkin spice lattes. Luckily, some of our favorite video editing blogs have left us with insights and tutorials that will forever live within the infinite world of cyberspace. Alright, enough poetry. Here are some great blogs from the month of September that you should take the time to read:

Videos of the Week: Typography

Typography videos are a huge fad right now, and rightfully so. If you have the resources it can be a very cheap (though often time-consuming) way to piece together a powerful message. The other great thing about typography is that it can be used for practically any purpose. Political videos, non profits public service announcements, music videos and commercials alike all can use typography in some way. Here are a few of my favorite typography projects that are up on the web:

Are 3D Re-Releases Worth It?

Disney has proved to be “King of the Box Office” with its incredibly successful re-release of The Lion King in 3D. Over just two weekends the 17 year old film grossed over $64 million dollars in ticket sales! That is an incredible statistic considering that Disney had to do almost nothing to create an instant smash hit. Does this mean that 3D remakes will be the ticket to movie studio success? Let’s hope not.

Free Corporate Production Music from Footage Firm

Our friends at Footage Firm have released another great collection, and this time, it’s free production music! They have a 10 disc collection of royalty-free production music that was compiled specifically to have a “corporate vibe”. Each disc is FREE. All you have to pay for is shipping and handling ($8.41 per disc).

Adobe Upgrades Premiere Elements Video Editing Software

Adobe recently released its latest upgrades to their “Elements” line of prosumer editing platforms. Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements both received face-lifts that are targeted at hobbyist and amateur editors alike. Here’s a look at the new tools you’ll find in the upgrade.

How to Become an International Pop Star by Using Free Stock Footage

As we all know, video killed the radio star, and here at VideoBlocks we could not be more excited. These days if you want to make it big as an international pop star, you need some flashy music videos so MTV VJs and YouTube surfers alike can fall in love with your distinctive sense of style and over-the-top symbolism. We’ve put together some popular music videos and are giving you the free stock footage you’ll need to recreate them yourself and launch you to a life of fame and fortune!

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