Final Cut Pro X Upgrade

Apple announced today that it would be issuing a series of free upgrades for their highly controversial editing software, Final Cut Pro X. The changes came after Apple received highly critical reviews on their latest video editing release. Many professionals have been upset with Apple’s recent devotion to the “prosumer” instead of developing improvements to their existing professional quality editing system, Final Cut Pro 7.

Surround Sound Stock Footage from Sony

We like to think we’re on the cutting edge of cool here at VideoBlocks, but last week Sony Pictures put the entire stock footage industry at awe with their new 5.1 Collection. This new set of footage comes with 5.1 surround sound audio to create an entire cinematic experience within a 30 second stock footage clip. Pretty cool, eh?

Videos of the Week: Slow Motion Edition

Since we recently let you in on the great deal for free slow motion stock footage from Footage Firm, we thought it would only be appropriate to dedicate this week’s Videos of the Week post to slow motion videos shot on high speed Phantom Cameras.

Free Slow Motion Stock Footage from Footage Firm

We always like to alert you when there is a good deal at hand, and our friends at Footage Firm have created yet another free stock footage offer that you should pick up! They have a 9 disc collection of free slow motion stock footage that will blow you away! It was all shot on a HD Phantom Gold camera, which is worth about $150,000! So considering you can get this top notch footage for just $8.41 shipping and handling, you know this is definitely a deal not to pass up! 


(Never used a slow motion stock footage clip before? You can test one out for free! Download your free slow motion stock footage clip by clicking here!


They have a wide variety footage topics available in this collection. I really like the Liquid Textures collection because it is so beautiful and so versatile. You can use this footage as moving backgrounds, textures in After Effects or even simply as a meditation video. It is very calming and absolutely gorgeous. 

liquid textures logo resized 600 



I also love the Falling Objects collection, mostly because of its unique nature. Simple items like buttons and gum drops look brilliant falling in slow motion across a black background. These would make really cool backdrops for opening titles to a short film! 

falling objects logo resized 600



If you want to pick up these collections for yourself, follow this link to All you have to pay is $8.41 shipping and handling for each disc! That is quite a deal considering a collection like this would typically cost well over $2,000. They have lots of other free stock footage collections too, so make sure to check out their entire collection! 


If you want to try using a free slow motion stock footage clip in your next project, here is a free one to test out! Just click on the link below to download your free slow motion stock footage clip



Video Editing on Wheels

If you think you’ve put together some video shoots in tight spaces, think again. Let me introduce to you, smart. studio. It is an entire multi camera studio and editing station all within a 2 seat Smart Car. Most people can barely fit their groceries in these cars, but a some Smart Car engineers have created an entire creative studio within the extremely compact car to take their show on the road!

How to Create an Time Lapse Video in Quicktime Pro 7

When you use a DSLR camera to create a time lapse video, you’ll need to compile all of your images together to create the illusion that it was actually captured as video, not just stills. An easy way to do this is to create an image sequence in Quicktime Pro 7. Here are step by step directions to do it:

Final Cut Pro X: A Timeline of Tragedy

The initial shock wave of disappointment may be gone, but the long lasting bitterness towards Apple’s most underwhelming product yet remains. That’s right, people, I’m talking about Final Cut Pro X. Maybe some of you have come around and adapted, and maybe some of you are still wallowing in a pool of frustration, but either way, weather for healing or for encouragement, it is good to take time to reflect on this roller coaster journey Apple has taken us on over the past few months.

Videos of the Week: Inspire Your Video Editing

It is really easy to get caught in a slump with your video editing. For me, nothing is better than watching a really well executed piece of video to inspire me to get creative with my next video editing project. This week, I’ve put together three videos that have inspired me to think outside of the box. Next week we’ll feature some of your choices for creativity inspiring videos, too! Hopefully they’ll get your creative juices flowing!

Top 10 Blog Posts About Video Editing

Believe it or not, is not the only blog in the video editing community! Shocking, right? We wanted to give a shout out to some of our favorite blog posts that give us inspiration day in and day out. Make sure to go check out these entertaining and informative blogs!

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