Footage Firm Production Music Grab Bag Lucky Buyers

A couple weeks ago we told you at Footage Firm’s great deal on their grab bag production music deal. The concept was simple…buy their collection of five production music DVDs and get a sixth mystery grab bag item included in your order! Well, the grab bags have been shipped and the lucky buyers that received the big ticket items have been revealed.

Friday Stock Footage Dance Party

Hey Everyone! It’s finally Friday! We wanted to treat you to a special blog today to help get you pumped for the weekend after a long week at work. Here it is…the first ever VideoBlocks Friday Stock Footage Dance Party!

How to Create a Video In Text Effect in Final Cut Pro 7

I’m going to make a confession here. I am addicted to The Food Network. Like, major addiction. When I’m able to pry myself away from the television and head to work, I often try to replicate some of the graphics and visual effects that they use to make their food look oh-so-sexy. That’s how I came across this quick Final Cut Pro trick for making a cut out effect with text. For you foodies out there, you’ll recognize this effect as the open from Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate. (For those of you who don’t spend hours on end watching food porn, click here to see what I’m talking about). There are tons of uses for this simple trick, so take a look at the steps below and add it to your repertoire.

5 Helpful Tools to Bring on Your Next Video Shoot

Shooting in the field or in an unfamiliar studio can always cause chaos. There are unpredictable challenges everywhere you turn, and if you’re not prepared for them, your project can be compromised. We’ve compiled a list of five inexpensive and helpful tools that you should always bring with when you’re heading out for a day of shooting.

Shake Things Up with the Footage Firm Grab Bag!

Do the mid-April blahs have you craving some spontaneity in your life? Have we got a treat for you! This month our friends at Footage Firm are shaking things up with the ultimate grab bag production music giveaway! Not only do you have the chance to pick up some uber high quality music at ridiculous prices, but participating in the grab bag also gives you the chance to win an iPad, a Kindle Fire, new SD cards and bonus discs from Footage Firm!

How To Create a Watermark in Sony Vegas

Watermarking your video is a simple way to ensure your creative masterpiece does not get ripped off when you upload it to the Internet. The process of creating a watermark is typically very simple, but the exact steps can vary depending on what video editing software you use. Here are the step by step instructions for creating a watermarked video in Sony Vegas.

How to Create an Efficient Video Editing Workflow

Non-linear video editing in an inherently complicated process. You have tons of files, sequences, renders and compositions to keep track of all in one project. If you’ve ever lost a project or encountered the dreaded “media offline” error message, you’ve probably learned first hand just how important it is to keep an organized workflow when editing. Here’s a simple check list of things you can do to keep your digital editing space clean and efficient.

New Free After Effects Template Collection from Footage Firm

Footage Firm is giving away another free dvd collection, and this time they’re giving away some great After Effects templates. Each template is fully customizable and comes with step by step instructions, so it is really easy to create a professional quality graphic without all the hassle.

VideoBlocks’ April Fools Day Video Spectacular

Hello to our legions of VideoBlocks blog fans! Today we’re hosting an April Fools Day Video Spectacular to help inspire you for this weekend’s festivities. No, nothing here is a joke or a scam…just a couple of April Fools Day classics (and one not so classic but is worth sharing anyway) to help end out your week and get you ready for the fun filled weekend! Enjoy!

VideoBlocks Education Contest Winners

Earlier this month held a contest for educators to win a $1,000 prize to put towards technology in their classroom. The votes are in and here are our winners!

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