Footage Firm Offers Free Worship Backgrounds Collection

We know those of you who work in media ministry are always looking for a good deal on high quality resources. Those tight church budgets don’t always allow a lot of room for professionally made worship backgrounds and countdowns! That’s why we wanted to spread the word about this new worship background release from Footage Firm.

Top 5 TV in the Movies Moments

The big wigs out in Hollywood enjoy using our hectic world of television production as inspiration for quirky antics and hysterical plot lines in many movies. Below are five of our favorite TV in the movies moments.

How to Batch Convert .mov Files to .wmv Files

We get a lot of questions from our subscribers on how to convert Photo JPEG .mov files. Here’s a step by step process on how we do it here at VideoBlocks headquarters. We use a program called MPEG Streamclip. It’s a free conversion program that you can download here. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll also need a plugin called Flip4Mac. They have a free trial available for download, but you’ll want to have the full version which you can get for as cheap as $29.

Quick Tip: Make iMovie More Like Final Cut Pro

Have you ever been forced to use iMovie for a quick project, only to spend way more time than necessary being frustrated by its confusing antics? If you’re more familiar with Final Cut Pro, iMovie’s seemingly backwards setup can seem both ridiculous and illogical. Here’s a quick tip to help you make iMovie look more like your beloved Final Cut Pro.

Footage Firm Releases an Eclectic New Production Music Collection

Here’s what you need to know about this production music collection. First, it’s free. That alone should get you on board. There are 13 discs altogether, and each disc has 14-17 songs on it. They are all completely royalty free and can be used in practically any project. The songs come in .mp3, .wav and .aiff formats, too.

5 Tips for Beginners Working with Free After Effects Templates

So, you think you want to venture in to the world of After Effects templates, huh? Not to fret! It’s really a lot easier than you think, especially if you’re working with a professionally made pre-designed template. However, there are some terms that you should be familiar with if you’re new to the game. Read through this list, and then go visit our friends at Free AE Templates to get started!

The New iPad

Well, we’ve all been waiting for another Apple announcement and today was the day. It is Tim Cook’s second time at the helm of the presentation, but it is the first complete roll out after Steve Job’s passing. The new iPad was the buzz word of the day, but there were plenty of highlights that are worth mentioning.

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Stupid GoPro Faces

We’ve been editing a good amount of GoPro footage lately here at VideoBlocks headquarters. The tiny sleek cameras are a great way to capture point of view shots and fun new angles. However, there is one part of shooting with GoPro that is unavoidable…the stupid GoPro face.

140 Free Motion Backgrounds from Footage Firm

Our friends at Footage Firm have been on fire this month with their awesome giveaways. Earlier we told you about their free cinematic production music, which was awesome, but now they’re giving away high-quality motion backgrounds for free. These are really nice clips at a clearly unbeatable value.

Great Student Made Video Editing Projects

We’ve mentioned it a few times before, but using video in schools is really a great way to encourage creativity and story-telling with students. In today’s blog, we decided to put the spotlight on a few student made videos that demonstrate this point. We think you’ll be amazed to see what young minds come up with and maybe inspire you to come up with an educational video project of your own!

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