Technology Makes an Impact on 2011 Google Top Searches

As 2011 comes to an end, everyone is putting together lists of the most viewed, the most searched, the most downloaded, the most everything of 2011. Google is obviously no exception. A couple of weeks ago they released the Top 10 Most Searched Topics in 2011. A lot of the winners surprised us, but what we really found interesting what how accurately this list portrays the importance of technology in our society.

The Basics of Microphones

We talk a lot about creating the ultimate video on this blog, but sometimes we neglect to talk about the audio side of things. If our old home movies teach us anything, its that poor audio can ruin a memory. Sometimes it is too soft, sometimes it is way too loud, there can be popping or static…there are just so many problems that can arise. If you want to have the ultimate audio for your next video project, you should learn a little bit about microphones and pic up a few good habits for when you’re recording.

10 Things Video Enthusiasts Wish They Had Gotten for Christmas

The big Christmas celebration is over, and now you’re left with a box full of socks and a couple itchy sweaters. Well, there’s always next year. We put together a list of the the top 10 things every video enthusiast wishes they had gotten for Christmas. Hey–if you have some gift cards, maybe they can still be yours!

5 Tips for Capturing Holiday Memories on Video

Everyone likes to break out the video camera on Christmas morning, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right! There are some simple tricks you can do to make your holiday home movies stand above the rest. Just follow these five tips for capturing the perfect holiday video!

Top 5 Attributes of a Successful Movie Trailer

With the dawning of YouTube and social media, movie trailers have a whole new importance in the movie making industry. Before these two minute mini movies were just novelties to be seen before your featured film. Now, we have countdowns to the release of trailers and special viewings once they’re available. With all the hype, it is important to realize what makes some movie trailers epic while others tend to underwhelm. Here are the top 5 attributes of a successful movie trailer.

What’s the Deal With Frame Rates?

30 frames per second, 25 frames per second, 24 frames per second…what does it all mean? These terms can be baffling if you’re new to video editing or if you come across a project that uses rates that aren’t similar to what you’re used to. Have no fear! We’ve put together some basics on frame rates so you’ll never be confused again!

Speed of Light Camera Creates Ultimate Slow Motion Footage

We’ve talked about high speed cameras before, like the Phantom cameras we use to create our slow motion stock footage. Well, apparently having the capability to shoot video at up to one million frames per second was not enough for some people. A couple of scientists at M.I.T.’s Media Lab have now rigged up a camera that can record images at the speed of light.

Free After Effects Templates

We know you love the good deal. And a good deal around the holidays…well, does it get any better? Footage Firm has really upped their game this holiday season and are offering a brand new collection of After Effects templates and motion backgrounds for FREE. If that doesn’t spread some holiday cheer, we’re not sure what will!

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