Exclusive Free Stock Footage from VideoBlocks

Do the holidays have you stressing out and feeling not-so-jolly? VideoBlocks wants to spread some holiday cheer! As a gift to our devoted followers, we’ve decided to give away free stock footage clips every day between now and Christmas! It’s a holiday season miracle! Alright…it may not be a miracle, but we are excited about being able to do something nice for all of you who have been so nice to us throughout the year!

The Beginning of the End?: CNN Fires 50 Photojournalists

When I started college to study Broadcast and Electronic Communication, I knew my family was skeptical of whether or not I’d ever be able to find a job in this field. To convince them I pointed to the local news. I said, “look, you need dozens of people to run that type of operation. And there are news stations all over the country. I’ll be fine.” A few months later, our local ABC affiliate replaced all of its camera operators with robotic cameras and I began to worry if I had made a good decision. Turns out, the robotic cameras were just the beginning.

Feats in Video Editing: Cello Wars

We like to feature impressive videos whenever we come across them, and this recent find certainly wowed us with its awesomeness. It comes from a pair of musicians known as The Piano Guys. They have a YouTube channel where they release weekly music videos, and they cover some pretty popular artists including Adelle and Usher. All of their videos are very high quality, but this latest one blew us away with its complexity and creativity.

5 Lessons on Creativity from John Lasseter

There’s a feeling that we get from watching Pixar movies that is hard to describe. They are silly and fun, yet they tug at whatever it is that makes us all human. Whether you love the Cars brand, or think nothing will ever live up to the original Toy Story, it is hard to dispute the fact that Pixar has created some of the most timeless and influential stories of recent years. Pixar Chief Creative Officer and overall creative genius, John Lasseter, recently gave an hour long interview to Charlie Rose, spilling many of his creative secrets for success. Given that he is one of the greats in the industry, we think it is important to listen.

Adjusting Clip Speed in Final Cut Pro 7

Are you in need of a new editing trick to help spice up your videos? Try adjusting the speed and direction of your footage. You can use this trick to create dozens of different effects, so it is a good tool to know. Here are the super simple steps for adjusting your clip speed and direction in Final Cut Pro 7:

5 Tips for Making YouTube Videos Go Viral

Are you looking to become the next YouTube superstar? As you’ve probably already figured out, getting a video to go viral is no easy task, and it rarely happens naturally. We’ve put together 5 tips that will help you get the most out of your YouTube videos.

5 Professional Movie Editors You Should Know

Do you know who directed your favorite film? The answer to that is probably, “yes”. Now, do you know who edited your favorite film? That’s a fact that far less people know. You see, any good editor will say they want their work to go unnoticed because that means they did a good job. Since it is good practice to learn from the best, we’re going to unveil the five of the best modern day professional movie editors so you can learn who is really behind the magic of the movies.

15 Tips for Shooting and Editing Interviews

Interviews are a basic and integral part of many video productions. However, because the concept seems so simple, often times less preparation and attention is put towards interviews compared to other aspects of the production. This can ultimately lower the value of your work, taking a project from professional to amateur quality. Here are 15 tips that will help you create professional quality interviews for your upcoming projects.

Using Looping Backgrounds in PowerPoint

Are you ready to step up your game at your next PowerPoint presentation, but not sure how? Motion and looping backgrounds are a great way to spice up a slide show without adding a lot of extra work. Not sure how to do it? Here are the step by step instructions for using motion backgrounds in PowerPoint.

10 Gifts for Video Editors Under $25

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but there are still 25 days between now and Christmas for you to find the perfect gift for that special video editor in your life. Whether it is for an aspiring film student or a seasoned veteran, we’re sure you will find the perfect item in this list of 10 gifts for video editors under $25.

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