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Why It’s Important to Have Diverse Women in Stock Video

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a “type.” Since the earliest days of the silver screen, the typical leading lady has been a carefully crafted being—the product of professional grooming, exceptional discipline, genetic favor, specific racial heritage, and a rigorous process of elimination—think Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. In recent years, Photoshop and CGI have been added to the mix to ensure that not a blemish or stray hair mars our heroine’s impossible beauty.

But this level of “perfection” is boring. Perfect isn’t real, and audiences don’t respond emotionally to inauthentic figures. Beauty varies from person to person, and culture to culture—narrow, idealized images are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Today, more and more individuals are ready to say goodbye to “perfect” and embrace the infinite differences that make people so truly beautiful. But the media industry has some catching up to do. That’s why we created the Authentic Collection. We want you to find yourself in our footage—regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, or body type. In that spirit, we have gathered some of our favorite stock footage of women from around the world—to help you bring true beauty to your video projects.

Download this video of a young woman with a sparkler.

Download this footage of an excited woman in a hat.

Download this close up of two Indian women chatting in the Summer sun

Download this video of two friends laughing and drinking coffee.

Download this closeup of two friends blowing bubbles at the beach.

Download this footage of a beautiful woman smiling.

Download this video of a woman in Cuba smoking a cigar.

Download this video of woman knocking ’em out.

Download this video of two friends having a beer on the beach.

Download this portrait of a woman enjoying a Spring breeze.

Download this footage of a young woman catching up on some tunes.

Download this close up of a gorgeous grandmother at the beach.

Download this vintage style portrait of a woman in sunglasses.

Download this portrait of a happy laughing woman.

Download this footage of two women working at a startup.


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