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How To Make A Killer Video For Less Than $100

Anyone with a phone can make a video these days, but to make a professional, high-quality video that gives your company or brand a clean, modern look requires two important things 1) the time and effort put into editing the video, and 2) excellent content – video, audio, and still imagery. If you are low

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Create Your Own Universe With Video Blocks

Carl Sagan was a brilliant author, astronomer, cosmologist and science populizer. Airing in the fall of 1980, he co-created and hosted “Cosmos,” a 13-part PBS television series that ultimately reached and influenced hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The New York Times described it as “a watershed moment for science-themed television programming.” March 4th, astrophysicist

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Will Avid Replace iMovie on the iPad?

Avid just announced yesterday that they have launced a video editing app for the iPad. This is a pretty radical move for a company that only years ago was on its way out of business. This $4.99 app is available in the Apple App Store, right along side Apple’s own product, iMovie. So the question is…will Avid be able to knock iMovie out of the video editing app spotlight?

Avid: The Comeback Kid?

I like to think that the makers of Avid Media Composer breathed a huge sigh of relief and poured a champagne toast when the negative reviews for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X started streaming in. This is their chance; the chance to make Avid a front runner in the video editing world once again. But will their strategy to capitalize on the disappointed professional editor work? And more importantly, should you jump on the Avid bandwagon?