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How To Make A Killer Video For Less Than $100

Anyone with a phone can make a video these days, but to make a professional, high-quality video that gives your company or brand a clean, modern look requires two important things 1) the time and effort put into editing the video, and 2) excellent content – video, audio, and still imagery. If you are low

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Another Final Cut Pro X Upgrade

Yesterday Apple announced a new upgrade for their controversial video editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Most professionals would say that any and all upgrades come as a welcomed improvement on the not-quite-industry-standard program. Here are some of the improvements that you can look forward to with the new updates:

Final Cut Pro X Upgrade

Apple announced today that it would be issuing a series of free upgrades for their highly controversial editing software, Final Cut Pro X. The changes came after Apple received highly critical reviews on their latest video editing release. Many professionals have been upset with Apple’s recent devotion to the “prosumer” instead of developing improvements to their existing professional quality editing system, Final Cut Pro 7.

Final Cut Pro X: A Timeline of Tragedy

The initial shock wave of disappointment may be gone, but the long lasting bitterness towards Apple’s most underwhelming product yet remains. That’s right, people, I’m talking about Final Cut Pro X. Maybe some of you have come around and adapted, and maybe some of you are still wallowing in a pool of frustration, but either way, weather for healing or for encouragement, it is good to take time to reflect on this roller coaster journey Apple has taken us on over the past few months.

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