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How To Make A Killer Video For Less Than $100

Anyone with a phone can make a video these days, but to make a professional, high-quality video that gives your company or brand a clean, modern look requires two important things 1) the time and effort put into editing the video, and 2) excellent content – video, audio, and still imagery. If you are low

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How To Achieve the Pleasantville Effect in Final Cut Pro 7

The “Pleasantville Effect” is a video color correction effect made popular by the late 1990s movie, Pleasantville, starring Tobey Maguire. Though that is in no way, shape or form the only movie to use the isolation of color, it certainly has inspired the use of the tool in many movies (and home movies) since. Basically, the idea is to isolate one color at a time and have everything else in black and white. It gives the picture real “pop” and, when used correctly, can be a great story telling device. Here’s how to create the Pleasantville effect in Final Cut Pro 7.

How to Create a Video In Text Effect in Final Cut Pro 7

I’m going to make a confession here. I am addicted to The Food Network. Like, major addiction. When I’m able to pry myself away from the television and head to work, I often try to replicate some of the graphics and visual effects that they use to make their food look oh-so-sexy. That’s how I came across this quick Final Cut Pro trick for making a cut out effect with text. For you foodies out there, you’ll recognize this effect as the open from Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate. (For those of you who don’t spend hours on end watching food porn, click here to see what I’m talking about). There are tons of uses for this simple trick, so take a look at the steps below and add it to your repertoire.

How To Create A Split Screen in Final Cut Pro

Creating split screens is a fun and practical tool to add to your video editing arsenal. Final Cut Pro gives you all of the tools to do it right inside its program, and by just learning the basic idea you’ll open yourself up to infinite editing possibilities. Below are the step by step instructions for creating a basic side by side slit screen in Final Cut Pro 7.

Adjusting Clip Speed in Final Cut Pro 7

Are you in need of a new editing trick to help spice up your videos? Try adjusting the speed and direction of your footage. You can use this trick to create dozens of different effects, so it is a good tool to know. Here are the super simple steps for adjusting your clip speed and direction in Final Cut Pro 7:

How to Animate a Logo in Final Cut Pro 7

If you want the sleek look of an animated graphic intro, but don’t have access to After Effects or Apple Motion, you’re not entirely out of luck. There are tools you can use within Final Cut Pro 7 that will allow you to create a clip with motion, without all of the hassle of learning an entirely new program. Here are step by step instructions on how to use Final Cut Pro 7 to animate a logo.

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